Best compost toilet forCampervans and Camping

Camper vans, motorhomes and RVs are incredibly popular, and it’s not hard to see why - the attraction of the open road and being able to park your home where you want, whilst bringing along the ‘kitchen sink’! But what about toilet facilities?

A compost toilet for your motorhome, camper or RV can take the form of a simple ‘camping’ style portable compost loo that can be set up almost anywhere, through to a built-in, stylish and odour-free compost toilet that can compliment any bathroom.

Compared to a chemical toilet, you’re not tied to finding a suitable ‘elsan’ disposal point every couple of days, you’re not using expensive chemicals and you don’t get that ‘elsan’ smell! All this means greater freedom, and independence on your travels!

What is the best compost toilet for my campervan, motorhome or RV

Here are some suggestions to get you started, but please get in touch if you’d like a chat or a more detailed explanation of any of the products.

Separett Rescue Camping Toilet


When you need something simple, basic and easy to move, the Separett Rescue Camping is perfect for a few days away! Based on a urine separator, so the urine goes one way through a pipe (and usually into the ground, but you could collect in a container if you prefer), and solids drop through into a biodegradable bag. A lid keep odours locked in and flies out, but you can use some woodshavings after each use if you’d like. The solids can be buried, or binned where appropriate and legal, or brought home in a secure container for composting.


Air Head


The Air Head has gained a bit of a cult status amongst overlanders, motorhome owners and many self-build conversions, having been around since 2001. 

The Air Head is incredibly rugged and durable, and comes with a front-mounted urine bottle for easy emptying. On first use after emptying the solids, a rehydrated coir brick is placed inside the solids container – this acts as a carbon-based medium to assist with odour control. After each use, the handle is turned on the side to mix and aerate the contents helping to reduce odours. 

A low-power 12-volt fan pulls foul-air out of the toilet to the outside through a flexible vent pipe ensuring the Air Head is odour-free and pleasant to use. A manually operated concealing flap covers the opening to the solids container, keeping the contents out of view.

The Air Head can usually provide two adults with 2-3 weeks of solids capacity before it needs to be emptied. It’s available with either a right-angled or straight fan housing to accommodate a variety of installation situations and if space is really tight, a ‘marine’ seat option enables you to save 3cm from the overall depth.


Separett Tiny with Urine Container


Launched in 2021, the award-winning Separett Tiny is the first toilet from Separett to incorporate a removable urine container, making it ideal for boats.  The Tiny has a very contemporary design and the compact size means it will fit neatly into small spaces. The ventilation system uses 50mm pipework and the fan only consumes around 1.5 watts at 12v DC.

The easily removable urine container has a level sensor that illuminates the Separett logo on the toilet when there’s around 1 -litre of capacity left, letting you know it’s time to empty.

The Tiny doesn’t require any cover material (wood shavings or coir) and simply uses the efficient ventilation system for complete odour removal. An automatic concealing flap means you don’t see into the solids container when you lift the lid – the flap opens automatically as you sit down and closes as you stand up.

If required, additional solid and liquid waste containers can be purchased.