Barton Allotments come together to purchase and install a Kazuba KL2 accessible waterless toilet

At the AGM on 11th January 2022, one of the plot holders at Barton Allotments suggested that consideration be given to installing a toilet at the allotment site. Following conversations with plot holders, it became clear that such a facility would be welcome, and the idea was subsequently taken forward by the management committee.

After initial research, they agreed that they needed a toilet facility which would:

  • stand the test of time and regular use,
  • be environmentally ‘friendly’,
  • would be easy to use and to maintain,
  • accessible for all and
  • visually in keeping with the site.

Much research followed, and they decided the best one to fulfil the requirements was the Kazuba KL2 with STK toilet system from WooWoo Waterless Toilets. A site visit was made to a nearby community farm where this type of toilet had been installed.

A planning application was submitted once they’d decided to locate the toilet adjacent to the main shed and thereby in the centre of the site, giving easy access to wheelchair users. Planning consent was secured by late September and this allowed for applications for funding to be submitted. Funding was sought from the North Lincolnshire Council Community Grant scheme, the National Lottery Community Fund and Barton upon Humber Lions.

Self install

With a number of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and willing plot holders stepping forward, they decided to undertake the installation themselves.

The toilet was delivered on 2nd March 2023 and installation began on 22nd March with an 8 foot by 4 foot by 3 foot deep excavation. A 3″ layer of concrete was then laid in the bottom of the hole.

The next day the toilet tank was lowered into the hole and concrete was laid around it, once this had dried, a layer of stone was laid onto the tank and the galvanised frame placed on top. The frame was then concreted in place and, once this had ‘cured’, the timber cladding and galvanised door was secured onto the frame.

The final touches were then made and plot holders now have a waterless toilet on their site for the next 30 years.

Kevin, from Barton Allotments, told us: “We have found the Kazuba from WooWoo to be an excellent addition to our allotment site. Not only does it perform exactly as all the brochures suggest, it also fits into our rural environment perfectly. The Kazuba now feels like it’s been with us for years and goodness knows how we managed without it!”

Find out more about Kazuba here.