Community-owned woodland invests in WooWoo GT waterless toilet for visitors and volunteers

We asked the good folks at Whistlewood Common to share their experiences and thoughts on the WooWoo GT waterless composting toilet they purchased from us:

Before you purchased the WooWoo GT, did you have any experience with other compost toilets, and what made you choose the WooWoo GT?

We’re delighted to share our experience with you and to show you how we’ve used your excellent product. We needed to increase the number of composting toilets on our site, we already have two homemade composting toilets, so we looked around to see what was available. We liked the system you offered (WooWoo GT) as it looked easy enough to change the containers when full, was nicely ventilated and any access ‘fluid’ can be drained away. So far our expectations have been met, we’re only about half full on the first container. We also bought your waterless urinal which seems to be fine, this drains directly into a soakaway.

Tell us about Whistlewood Common

Whistlewood Common is a 10-acre, off-grid, community-owned woodland in South Derbyshire.

Now in our 10th year, we hold events, weddings and run workshops providing educational opportunities that help people understand nature and how to live more sustainably. The site is designed using permaculture principles so that it works with nature as a welcoming space for people, plants and wildlife.

Who will be using the new toilet facilities?

We chose the WooWoo GT 330 starter kit and also the waterless urinal to provide facilities for our visitors. The compost will be used around the site as mulch for our trees.

The photos show our beautiful new toilet hand built by our wonderful volunteers.

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