English Heritage Install Kazuba Accessible Toilets at Dunstanburgh Castle

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The stunning 1.3 mile walk along Northumberland’s picturesque coast to reach the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle was previously best attempted after a toilet stop in the village of Craster. The site is extremely difficult to access and in WooWoo’s experience, perhaps the most difficult in terms of the logistics of installation. This, however, did not deter English Heritage who had their mind set on providing eco-friendly toilets for their customers.

In Spring 2021, English Heritage decided to test out two Kazuba toilets at the site, hoping to relieve any visitors that inevitably found themselves caught out.

The toilets have since been so popular that a third was later installed in the summer of 2022 to keep up with the demand.

Dunstanburgh Castle - maintained by English Heritage.

Senior National Project Manager, Rachael Baldwin-Gledhill said:

“The installation of Kazuba toilets was a perfect solution to a very old problem – of how to provide visitor facilities, within a medieval castle, that has no mains services whatsoever.

Dunstanburgh Castle sits right on the Northumberland coastline, facing the North Sea, one mile from the nearest services, but is a popular spot for visitors, due to its beauty and environment.

The Kazuba allowed us to provide facilities but also, to have something that fitted in well with the surroundings, through its design.”

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