Herstmonceux Scouts delighted with their WooWoo Loo GT off-grid waterless composting toilet

Herstmonceux Scouts, based in East Sussex, contacted WooWoo for advice on the best composting toilets for a remote location without any mains (water, electricity or sewage) connections.

The toilet had to be self-contained, waterless, odourless and suitable for children and adults from ages 6 upwards.

We recommended the WooWoo Loo GT Standard cabin (self-assembly) together with the WooWoo GT 330 composting toilet starter kit.

Jen, from Herstmonceux Scouts, recently sent us an email documenting their experiences:

“We are delighted with the whole process from our first enquiry to now having our woo woo toilet up and running. Delivery was easily arranged on a day to suit us. We have no actual address and no vehicle access to our site, so had to arrange delivery to a nearby carpark and manually move everything across. This all went very smoothly.

The instructions for assembly were straight forward. Each piece was easily identified and fitted together well perfectly. The timber is solid and the panels well made. Everything for the roofing was included and was installed easily. We opted to add an extra bracket to avoid cutting a hole through the roof for the vent pipe.

It feels like a good quality and long lasting building. We chose to use a stain on the outside to help it blend in with our site. Inside we have used wipe clean paint. It looks and feels like a normal building inside, much better than some composting toilets I have used on campsites. We chose to use a frosting spray on the windows for privacy and have added a bolt on the inside. The handle and lock are good quality. The extra keys we had cut work perfectly on the lock.

The waste containers are sturdy and well made. The wheels moved around easily on uneven ground on our site and we have no concerns over moving it when it is full. It slotted in easily under the seat.

We chose to replace the seat provided with a Wooden seat as we were concerned our young people would poke at the polystyrene one and damage it. We removed the plastic lugs so it has an air right closure and mounted the lid to the back wall so the angles were correct. See pics attached.

It is used by people age 6+ and we have not had any problems so far. Feedback has been positive and although we expected some people to feel uncomfortable using it or the children would make a bit of a fuss to begin with – no one has. There are no smells coming from it at all so far.

We wouldn’t hesitate to use this model and supplier again and would strongly recommend them to others.”

Find out more about the WooWoo Loo cabins and the WooWoo GT composting toilet.


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