Jimmy’s Farm is going green with waterless toilets

Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park, run by TV presenter and conservationist Jimmy Doherty, has embraced a more environmentally friendly approach with the installation of their new toilets.

The attraction, nestled in the Suffolk countryside and home to 100 species and breeds, opted for waterless Kazuba eco-toilets supplied by WooWoo. Powered by the sun and wind, there’s no need for water, electricity or chemicals allowing them to focus on connecting with nature.

Jimmy Doherty approves of the new waterless toilets saying “we’re committed to ensuring we can be as sustainable as possible across our business. The impact we have on the environment shapes the way Jimmy’s Farm moves forward; by installing these waterless toilets we can move closer to our green goals.”

Waterless toilets do not consume water and do not release any effluent into the environment. With no need to connect any drainage systems, WooWoo Kazuba toilets are ecological, economical and easily installed in places which wouldn’t otherwise be able to host a toilet, such as the area Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park have installed theirs in.

The issue of water resource management has become a major issue for everyone. Since it’s launch in 2018, this style of waterless toilet gives everyone the opportunity to make a strong, political and environmental choice. The farm went through WooWoo as they’re a popular supplier of waterless toilets in the UK with a strong vision of innovating the toilet industry.

Jimmy has always believed that we must farm in harmony with nature and not against it. Regenerative and free range methods of farming have always been at the heart of everything he does since The Essex Pig Company was founded in 2002. Jimmy’s Farm began on an old dairy farm on the outskirts of Ipswich. Jimmy dreamt of a full restoration, returning the totally derelict farm back to a fully working, thriving livestock farm. His vision was to only use traditional, free-range farming methods with 100% traceability, rearing rare and domestic breeds from the UK. Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park is now an award-winning Wildlife Park, rare breed farm, restaurant and wedding venue based in the heart of Suffolk. The park is a centre of excellence for British rare breeds as well as camels, primates, tapir and crocodiles amongst other animals. Jimmy’s vision and belief that the natural world should be accessible and available to all is an ongoing but hopeful, promising and encouraging mission.

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