Urb Farm in Milton Keynes gets Year-Round Benefit from Kazuba Waterless Toilet

The Urb Farm is a social enterprise project that is part of the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation. (MKCF work with all faiths and none). Their goal is to realise value and release the potential in both individuals and communities.

Having a Kazuba KL2 at the farm enables volunteers and staff to be on-site longer and to have the comfort and convenience of an accessible, odourless, low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly toilet when needed.

Sarah Mist, who works at the project told us:

I took a snowy picture of the toilet today. This made me think how pleased we are to have the toilet because in the past, we would not be able to have been at the farm with the young people in freezing temperatures with pipes freezing – as we couldn’t flush the toilet. But with the Kazuba we can keep working at the farm as the toilet is waterless. 

Everyone visiting the farm enjoys learning about and using the toilet as it’s unusual and environmentally friendly.  And it looks fun! 

The installation of the toilet went smoothly. It was a big project and needed the experienced installers to get the job done properly. 

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