Wilmslow Allotments Build a Fantastic Shed for their Separett Villa

Cliff Road Allotment Association in Wilmslow, Cheshire, wanted to provide a safe and clean toilet for their plot holders, thereby encouraging female and family members to use the site for extended periods of time

Initially, they tried to provide facilities through a caravan-style chemical toilet, but it needed emptying so often, smelled of chemicals and wasn’t up to the job.

Then they saw the Separett Villa waterless compost toilet advertised in an allotment magazine. With a donation from Manchester Airport’s community fund, they purchased a Villa from WooWoo Waterless toilets.

The site manager, Joe Stephenson, told us that it took him (with help from other allotmenteers who freely gave their time and skills) around three weeks to construct the building and install the Separett Villa waterless compost toilet.

“Installation (of the Separett Villa) was quite straightforward and presented no problems”.

Joe Stephenson, site manager

Asked how they’ve got on with it, he said:

“Since opening, it has been incredibly well-received by women plotholders and wheelchair users”.

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