WooWoo Loo in Swansea – ‘Delighted with Product and Service’

Philippa from Swansea got in contact when she decided she needed a toilet for both herself and her clients to use. Working from a cabin in the garden, which slopes away from the house, an off-grid waterless toilet was the logical choice.

WooWoo supplied and installed a WooWoo Loo. Philippa then got her electrician to run a mains cable from the existing cabin to the WooWoo Loo, to provide power for the fan and a light (rather than choose the solar version).

After installation, Philippa painted the outside to match the existing cabin and also the inside to make it brighter and more personal.

Philippa said:

I cannot recommend this company highly enough and I give them 5 stars: They are friendly, helpful, informative and ordering, delivery and installation were speedy and hassle free. I researched compostable toilets and I think they offer great value for money. I am delighted with the product and although the wood finish is excellent I customized mine by painting the outside to match the garden office it is adjacent to and painting the inside white with fence paint. This is what it looks like. I am one very satisfied customer. Philippa @ Swansea

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