Separett Burn

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The Separett Burn is a wood incinerator that can be employed to hygienically destroy solid waste in compost toilets, when composting is not an option.


The Separett Burn incinerator should be used in conjunction with a compost toilet, where urine and solid waste are separated as the toilet is used. Made from wood, it is a highly reliable way of processing waste with the utmost hygiene. It works by placing the solid waste inside the incinerator, on a rack. The wood underneath the rack is then ignited and the waste is reduced to ash.

Height: 228.7cm
Length: 57.5cm
Width: 57.5cm
Package size:      L:47 W:47 H:67 cm, 22kg


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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 47 × 47 × 67 cm


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