Separett Privy Urine Diverting Bowl (no seat, just diverter)

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If you’re after a simple, low-cost urine diverter, then the Privy urine-diverting bowl might be for you.

Unlike the Privy 500 and Privy 501, this doesn’t come with a seat or any accessories (no urine tube etc). Also ideal if you need to replace the separator, but keep the seat on your Privy 501.

The Privy urine-diverting bowl separates liquid (wee) and solids (poo). It can be used as part of your own self-build urine-separating compost toilet and requires very little space for installation. You get the dark grey urine separator only, so you will have to provide/make a seat/lid and create a collection system for the solid and liquid matter – feel free to make the surrounding box as utilitarian or complex and beautiful as you like!

Urine separation makes managing a compost toilet much easier and simpler – around 80% of the volume of bodily ‘waste’ is urine/liquids.

  • Ideal for DIY installations
  • Dark grey recyclable plastic – does not show dirt or marks easily
  • No toilet seat included – choose or make your own seat/lid
  • No urine pipe included – run into standard 32mm or 40mm pipework, or collect urine in a suitable container

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 3.75 × 17.1 cm


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