Urine Hose for Separett – 2 metres

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Urine Hose for Separett – 2 metres


White, semi-flexible urine hose for all Separett urine separating toilets, including:

  • Separett Villa 9000

  • Separett Villa 9010

  • Separett Weekend (aka Torp Isak)

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Suitable for use where the original hose has become damaged and you need a replacement. Can be used to extend the hose (you’ll also need a joiner) if you need a longer run, although you might want to consider using rigid hose to ensure no ‘sagging’ occurs over the length and drop fo the pipe (which will trap urine).

For long runs outside, or where freezing temperatures are expected, it’s recommended that you use 40mm or 50mm rigid hose as this will stay clear of blockages etc due to freezing.

Approximate length 2 metres. Suitable for all models of the Separett Villa and Weekend.

Will not fit the Privy (please contact us if you need a replacement hose for the Privy).