WooWoo GT 120 Composting Toilet - Starter Pack

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The WooWoo GT 120 is a low-maintenance batch composting toilet system ideal for campsites, glamping locations, forest schools, allotments and community gardens. It’s completely off-grid and needs no water or electricity so can be installed in locations many other systems cannot.

The starter pack comes with two 120-litre composting containers that collect solids and liquids and can be expanded by adding additional containers as needed.

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The WooWoo GT 120 Starter Pack comprises two 120 litre containers, each with the unique capillary base that regulates moisture content in the solids mass, ensuring perfect conditions for efficient composting. With two 120 litre containers, one can be in use whilst the other is composting the contents. Additional containers can be purchased to increase the capacity as needed.

  • efficient composting ability
  • serviced in minutes – low maintenance
  • endless capacity with spare containers
  • handy size, easy to move with wheels and sturdy handles
  • durable and reliable in use
  • no need for special instructions for users
  • no water or electricity needed – completely off-grid
  • designed and made in Finland with a proven track record across the world in all climates
  • can be installed close to water courses*


The WooWoo GT 120 is a composting toilet system that catches all the solid and liquid matter (no need to use a urine separator), making it incredibly simple and foolproof to use and ideal for locations that have multiple or public users. Composting takes place inside the container so the operator never has to worry about handling the waste until it is safely composted.

The special capillary base allows some of the excess urine to be absorbed back to the composting mass, just like underwatering flower pots. This unique self-regulating feature of the WooWoo GT speeds up the composting process significantly – efficient composting requires that the mass inside the container is neither too wet nor too dry.

The WooWoo GT 120 is a batch composting system, so when the container is full, it is moved out and replaced with an empty one. The full container has a different lid put on and the contents are left to complete the composting process (which will have already started). After a suitable period of time, the contents, which are now safe, can be emptied and used as a mulch around trees and bushes.

The capillary base, together with the efficient non-electrical ventilation system, means the WooWoo GT is odourless, pleasant and simple to use, making it ideal as a communal toilet on a campsite, glamping site, forest school, community garden or allotment.

How to use the WooWoo GT

For the user, the WooWoo GT is simple to use – they just ‘go’ as they would with any other toilet – there’s no requirement for men to sit down as it doesn’t rely on separation of liquids and solids at point of use. After every solid use, they add a scoop of cover material (like fine wood shavings or the sawdust from chainsawing). That’s all there is to do!

How to maintain the WooWoo GT

For the operator, the WooWoo GT is a low maintenance solution for providing completely off-grid, waterless toilet facilities. If you run the leachate into a soak-away pit, all you need to do is occasionally inspect how full the main container is. If the leachate is collected, then that container will need to be checked every week and emptied accordingly.

When the WooWoo GT is full, swapping to a new container takes only a few minutes. Slide the full container from the building by first detaching the flexible part of the vent pipe and the leachate tube. Depending on the building configuration, the ‘chute’ that connects the toilet seat to the container will need to be released.

Now you can pull the container backwards and out. Depending on the operator, the GT 120 can usually be moved by one person.

Remove the lid with the chute opening and replace it with the vented lid. Now you can move the container to its resting place and swap the wheels over to the new container.

In the new container, ensure a good layer of organic material (such as fine wood shavings) is added to cover the base, paying attention to the hollow legs that connect it with the lower base. Place the lid with the chute hole on this container and attach the chute. You can now wheel the container into position under the toilet building. Ensure the chute is correctly positioned/connected and attach the leachate tube. You’re now back in business!

What’s the capacity of the WooWoo GT 120

The actual capacity depends on a number of factors including temperature and wind (as these have an effect on moisture evaporation rates), however, you should expect around 250 solid uses per container. The amount of urine does not have a significant impact on overall capacity as any excess liquid will come out as leachate or be re-absorbed into the composting mass.

Extending the capacity

If you need additional capacity, you can purchase extra 120 litre containers with composting lids from our website, as and when needed. If you know you will need more capacity from the outset, consider the WooWoo GT 300 which offers a capacity of around 800 solid uses per container, although it’s slightly taller so has different installation requirements.

When you remove a container from use, it will have already started the composting process. We generally recommend the container sits to compost for at least six months before being emptied. If you need or wish to empty the container sooner, the contents should be transferred to another container to complete the composting process and to ensure they are completely safe.

What’s in the WooWoo GT 120 Starter Pack?

The starter pack comprises the following items, conveniently delivered to your door in two packages:

  • 2 x robust composting containers with capillary base – 120-litre capacity each
  • 1 x lid with an adjustable waste shaft
  • 1 x lid with vent cover for ‘batch composting’ container
  • 1 x set of durable wheels – easily removed and transferred between containers
  • 1 x flexible connector between lid and customer-supplied 110mm vent pipe
  • 1 x high-efficiency spinning vent – metal with black finish
  • 1 x set of fixings to fit the vent pipe (which you source) to the building wall
  • 1 x 150cm length of flexible leachate hose
  • 1 x thermal seat with lid and fixtures
  • 1 x manual for installation and use

What do you need to supply yourself?

The GT 120 will need an adapted or specially constructed building to enable the containers to slide in for use and to be removed when full. We will shortly be able to provide detailed plans of suitable wooden buildings, and ultimately, the buildings themselves.

In addition, you will also need the following items that are typically available locally:

  • Leachate container (we suggest a translucent container of 10 – 20 litres)
  • Dry ‘cover’ material such as wood shavings or other organic horse/animal bedding
  • 110mm vent pipe to the length you require for your specific installation

How do you install it?

The GT 120 needs between 725 and 850mm clearance from the ground to the underside of the toilet seat/bench. The adjustable collar can be moved up or down accordingly. The GT 120 container is 600mm wide and 600mm deep.

The WooWoo GT containers are slid in and under the toilet building. The adjustable collar has a flange that engages with slots (included) on the underside of the toilet seat/bench to provide a secure fitting in use. An appropriate hole is cut in the bench and the supplied toilet seat can be fitted. Alternatively, any plastic or wooden toilet seat can be installed.

* If the installation is less than 10 metres from a watercourse, or where ground conditions dictate otherwise, you should collect the leachate in a 10 or 20 litre container for disposal elsewhere.


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