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The WooWoo GT Compact Cabin 120 is a compact wooden toilet cabin and WooWoo GT 120 starter kit, providing everything you need to get started and create a unique, compact, off-grid waterless composting toilet system.

Based around the WooWoo GT composting toilet, the cabin

This is a flat-pack or semi-assembled toilet and compact cabin that will cost £3295 inc VAT and delivery. It includes the cabin (with vent pipes, loo seat etc) and the WooWoo GT 120 Starter Kit which provides the toilet function.


Here are a few images of a pre-production model. It’s approximately 1.2m deep by 1m wide.


People use it as they would any other toilet (it’s not a urine-diverting design so doesn’t require men to sit down to urinate) and can take bodily fluids, solids and toilet paper.


After each solid use, a handful of cover material (usually fine wood shavings) is placed in the loo – this will enable composting to start within the container. When the first container is full, it’s swapped for the second container. When the second container is full, the first one will then be composted and then emptied – the main advantage is that you are only ever handling composted (ie safe and odourless) contents. Depending on the amount of use, the maintenance intervals may be as long as six months between changeovers.


Excess liquids that are not used in the composting process or evaporated, drain out as leachate or seepage. This can be captured for disposal elsewhere, or where possible (>10 metres from a watercourse), run into the ground via a small soakaway pit.


The GT120 toilet is odourless thanks to the wind-powered ventilation system that removes odours and excess moisture.


The toilets are completely off-grid – they don’t need any electricity and naturally use no water nor do they need a sewage connection, so are truly ‘green’ and environmentally friendly – producing compost and not pollution.

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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