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New for 2024! The WooWooLoo GT Compact is a high-capacity, low-maintenance, toilet cabin that’s available flat-packed or semi-assembled. It comes with a high-quality compact wooden cabin and a WooWoo GT 120 composting toilet starter kit. It’s cute, durable, relocatable and entirely off-grid!


The WooWooLoo GT Compact combines the WooWoo GT120 composting toilet starter kit, with a custom-designed, UK-made, self-assembly, compact wooden cabin.

Together, they create a ground-breaking composting toilet system that’s completely off-grid, waterless, and truly eco-friendly. It provides the owner/operator with a compact, low-maintenance, and relocatable toilet cabin that creates compost within the containers.

For the user, they experience a simple-to-use toilet that isn’t based around a urine diverter (so no need for everyone to sit down or worry about their position), doesn’t smell, and just works! How good is that?

Key Features

  • Supplied with 2 x 120-litre high capacity, easy-swap, collection/composting containers. One is ‘in use’ whilst the other is completing the composting process – known as batch composting
  • Low maintenance and high capacity compared to urine-diverting toilets
  • Simple for everyone to use, from children to adults
  • Wind-powered fan for odour and moisture control – no electricity required
  • Simple, proven (20+ years) composting toilet system works in all climates from arctic to desert
  • Compact, attractive and cute wooden cabin – UK designed and built specifically for the WooWoo GT composting toilet containers
  • Features a translucent plastic window in the rear, to let natural light in
  • Can be permanently situated or relocated as required
  • Leachate can drain to a soakaway pit or 20-litre container
  • Industry-leading support and advice from UK-based WooWoo Waterless Toilets

Technical Specifications

  • Cabin size: approx 221cm h x 90cm w x 120cm d (or 98cm w x 148cm d including roof overhang)
  • Cabin weight: approx 175kg
  • Capacities: each 120-litre container is designed for around 200 ‘solids’ use and unlimited urine*
  • Thermal toilet seat & lid – black polypropene
  • Cabin timber is pressure-treated to withstand decay
    • Side panel timber: 12mm featheredge
    • Door and rear timber: 12mm shiplap
    • Base timber: 4×2
    • Floor timber: 4×1
    • Framework: Combination of 2×2 and 2×1
    • Roof frame: 2×2
    • Roof covering: Onduline
    • Bench and kickplate made from 100% recycled ex-farm plastic
  • Choice of delivery: semi-assembled (requires the roof to be lifted in place and bolted down – approx 30 mins work) or flat-pack (delivered on an oversized pallet – approx 2 hours work for two people)
  • See the WooWoo GT product page for more details on the composting toilet parts

WooWoo Loo GT Compact, dimensions

* Liquids & Urine – non-typical use (e.g. mainly urine use) may lead to more leachate discharge than a system used more typically. Leachate discharge will increase in cold temperatures (when composting is slowed or suspended), compared to warm temperatures which will accelerate the composting process and absorb extra moisture. Actual capacity will depend on many factors including ambient temperature, amount/speed of wind, amount and type of cover material used, amount of toilet paper used and so on.

Benefits and Advantages

The key benefits of the WooWooLoo GT Compact are that it doesn’t use a urine diverter (which requires users to sit down) and that composting takes place WITHIN the low-maintenance, high-capacity containers. In turn, this means the operator is handling compost and not faeces. This is known as a batch composting system.

  • Simple, durable, reliable and proven solution. Very few moving parts means lower maintenance and greater reliability for owners/operators
  • High capacity – comes with two containers (more can be purchased if required): one is ‘in use’ whilst the other one finishes composting. Provides around 200 solid uses per container and unlimited urine use
  • Promotes ideal composting conditions. Inside the WooWoo GT container is a unique and patented capillary base that allows liquids from the mass above to pass down into a lower chamber, ensuring the main mass is kept at the optimum moisture level for efficient composting to take place. If the mass above gets too dry, it draws moisture back up
  • Great user experience. The combination of the efficient, automatic moisture control and the mechanical (wind-powered) ventilation means the user enjoys a simple-to-use, odourless toilet experience
  • Easy to move containers. A set of wheels is supplied to assist in removing and replacing the composting containers. Even the full container can usually be moved by one person

Who is it suitable for?

The WooWooLoo GT Compact is ideal for a wide range of locations where you don’t have access to water, sewage or electricity. This includes semi-public sites such as smaller allotments, community gardens, outdoor clubs, scout camps, forest schools, camping and glamping sites. It’s also great for domestic sites such as down your garden, adjacent to a garden office or treatment room.

For higher volume waterless toilet requirements, such as large allotments, parks, nature reserves and public-facing sites, please get in contact to discuss our appropriate solutions.

How does it work?

From the users’ perspective, they will use the toilet as with any regular flushing loo (except there is no flush!) – male users can stand to urinate if they wish to. The contents drop through the large chute into the container below. Toilet paper can be dropped into the toilet as this will also compost. Sanitary products should not be placed in the toilet (they often contain some plastic which won’t compost), but other menstrual waste can go in.

As the owner/operator, you can EITHER ask the user to add a small scoop/handful of cover material (sawdust or wood shavings) after every solid use (they don’t add anything if they’ve just had a wee), OR they do nothing and the owner/operator adds some cover material every week. The latter keeps the daily use simple.

As described above, the WooWoo GT composting toilet aims to create the ideal conditions for composting to take place. This requires a source of nitrogen (from urine and faeces) a source of carbon (from the sawdust/cover material), air and water. With these ingredients, composting will automatically start to happen (composting bacteria are in the air and will find their home!).

As composting commences, the bacteria will massively reduce the odours, and residual odours will be extracted with the ventilation system.

When the first container is full, it can be removed and the second container placed under the toilet. The composting lid (ventilated but with fly screens etc) is placed on the full container and it is set aside to continue its composting journey.

Delivery & Assembly

The cabin can be supplied either as a flat pack or semi-assembled.

Flat Pack. This version is delivered on an oversized pallet. Assembly is best done by two people and should take around 2-3 hours. Nuts and bolts are provided, along with detailed instructions.

Semi-Assembled. This version requires the roof to be placed on and bolted in place (the floor, walls and door are all pre-assembled with nuts and bolts) as well as the front and top toilet covers (made from 100% recycled plastic). In transit, the roof and covers are secured within the cabin structure. To move the cabin, you will need the assistance of 2-4 able-bodied people. The final assembly should take around 30 minutes.


Regular maintenance would involve checking the general cleanliness of the cabin (as with any other toilet), supplies (toilet roll, hand sanitiser if used, sawdust if used) and cleaning as required. Some water can be used to clean the ‘chute’ that leads into the composting container.

Once a week, the composting container level can be checked. Swap containers as needed.

Annually, we suggest all hardware (hinges and latches) on the cabin are inspected and lubricated. A coat of preservative or exterior paint can be applied at suitable intervals to ensure the exterior remains in good condition.

Make it yours!

Part of the fun of having a WooWooLoo GT Compact is that you customise it to make it reflect your style or enhance its usability.

Using vinyl or other flooring will help keep mud at bay. Solar or battery lights will make it usable in the dark or set a calming mood! You could fit a small shelf for hand sanitiser and other items, or how about one of our great ‘Handy Andy’ water dispensers on the outside?

Customisation options for the compact cabin include a water dispenser for hand washing


Download the assembly and user manual: WWL GT Compact v1.1


Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 60 cm

Flat Packed, Semi-assembled

1 review for WooWooLoo GT Compact Cabin

  1. Rohan Lewis (verified owner)

    The toilet is fine, and I appreciated the clear textual and photographic instructions as to assembling from flatpacked. The WooWoo unit instructions contradict the shed assembly instructions in a couple of places, and it would be good if the two could be combined into a single document.
    The delivery was a bit of a nightmare: of the stipulations 1) to phone me in advance of arrival 2) use what3words as well as postcode to locate the site 3) use a max 7.5 tonne vehicle because of the narrow track NOT A SINGLE ONE was passed on to the driver, who was in a large lorry with a double rear axle, and only phoned me when he had arrived at (the wrong) place. I did notice that the what3words location was printed on the side of the pallet.
    This just reinforces for me a lifetime’s experience (69 years) of delivery companies, who just want to get any job done as cheaply as possible, and are oblivious to all else.
    The pallet was unloaded on to the main road verge, and it took three of us over 3 hours just to dismantle it and transport the pieces to the assembly site.
    As heavy sleet fell continuously during this time, we deferred the assembly to a later date.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Hi Rohan. Firstly, we’re glad that the toilet itself is fine! We’ve also updated the instructions based on our own and customer feedback and now combine the assembly and ‘how to use’ manuals together. We’re really sorry to hear about the delivery woes and I’m so disappointed with the pallet company – as discussed prior to delivery, we checked with the network, that they would a) use a 7.5 tonne or smaller vehicle, b) were OK to call ahead and meet you at the location etc., so to hear that none of this was actioned is so frustrating. It’s in stark contrast to other customers, who have reported great assistance from the pallet company – I guess it’s down to the individual depot and driver. We’ll report your experiences back to them.

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