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To help you get the best from your WooWoo GT and WooWoo GT LUX we’re sharing some great tips for both existing owners and those of you who are planning to buy soon. We’ll be covering topics such as WooWoo GT maintenance and the safe use of the compost. In addition, we’ll talk about the capacity of the WooWoo GT composting toilet system.

WooWoo GT Spare

Don’t switch the WooWoo GT containers too early

Don’t be too eager in switching the WooWoo GT containers before the active container is completely full, as the composting process works best when the WooWoo GT container is fuller. This is because the more mass there is in the compost, the more energy and microbes there are to make the process work efficiently.

If you are happy to, you can level the compost mass with a mixer or stick, and you should notice that the volume of the compost decreases significantly over time. The emptying and switching of the containers is best done only after the entire volume of the container has been fully used.

What if the WooWoo GT is suddenly being used a lot more and it fills up too quickly?

With sudden surges in use, traditional compost toilets may not be sufficient to handle the added amount of toilet waste without increasing the operators’ workload. The great advantage of the WooWoo GT is the spare container, of which you can have as many as you need. So you’ll never run out of capacity, regardless of whether you are using the WooWoo GT in private home use, in a public park or on a campsite. Extendability and flexibility built-in!

Getting the little details right can be the difference between an unpleasant and an excellent composting toilet experience for the user, and ventilation is probably the most important thing to set in place properly from the outset.

Generally, if the toilet cubicle is in a ‘shed’ type building (ie not especially air-tight), then the wind-powered fan should be fine. If the toilet is within a dwelling, or in a wind-free location, or you need to add extra bends in the pipework, then we recommend the mains-powered fan.

When is the compost safe to use?

The composting process depends on many factors such as the ambient temperature (cooler temperatures will slow and ultimately suspend composting) and how much moisture is present in the mix (too dry will suspend composting). Generally, we advise that the contents (from the time of last use) should be left for between 6 – 12 months to fully and safely compost. Even after 12 months, the resulting compost should ideally be emptied and left to mature for a period of time before use.

For public use toilets, you can use the compost as a mulch around trees, shrubs and bushes. Where the toilet is used privately in a household, then there’s no reason not to use it as with any other compost, however, you should not grow food to sell without having the compost tested.

How much cover material needs to be added?

It depends on how you are operating your WooWoo GT. For domestic installations or low-traffic use, you should ask users to add about a handful of cover material after each ‘solid’ use. Provide a suitable scoop to make the process simple and take the guesswork from the user. You don’t need to add cover material after a wee*.

The WooWoo GT 120 should have a capacity of around 225 solid uses per container and the GT 330 should provide around 800. If yours is filling up too quickly, check how much cover material is being used and regulate accordingly.

An alternative, especially where mains-powered ventilation is in place, is to not ask the users to add any cover material at the time of use, instead, the operator adds bulk cover material every few days (perhaps 5 litres or so).

* If your WooWoo GT is being used predominantly for urine, then you will need to add some cover material on a daily basis.

Cleaning the WooWoo GT LUX porcelain pedestal

WooWoo GT LUX porcelain pedestal for composting toilet

People are naturally curious about cleaning a porcelain pedestal when the toilet is waterless.

Porcelain is naturally easy to clean and durable. However, in use, you can’t avoid urine splashes and the occasional ‘skidmark’!

We suggest using some water and a toilet brush – letting some water get into the WooWoo GT composting base unit is fine – the likelihood is that the water will be fully absorbed and help the composting process (a lot of water vapour is emitted as the composting takes place) and any excess will come out through the leachate drain.

If you need to use eco-friendly cleaners, that’s fine too, but use them sparingly so they don’t affect the biological processes taking place inside the container.

Do you have any more questions? Please get in contact – our friendly UK-based team will be happy to help!

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