The compact compost toilet for canal boats, yachts, motorhomes, campervans and studios.​

What is the Air Head?

The Air Head is the original and incredibly robust self-contained and compact compost toilet that’s ideal for canal boats, yachts, motorhomes, campervans and other off-grid locations.

With the Air Head toilet, you no longer need to worry about finding an ‘elsan’ disposal point and emptying a chemical toilet every couple of days, nor do you have to deal with chemicals – it’s an entirely natural and eco-friendly process!

For over 20 years, the Air Head has given you the freedom to travel further and to explore the wild places previously unexplorable to you. The solids tank only needs emptying after 50-60 uses which translates to 3-4 weeks of capacity for a couple of people.

It’s also odour-free, thanks to the separation of the liquids and solids, the turning mechanism and the low-powered 12-volt fan.

You can fit the Air Head into the tightest of spaces too. It has an incredibly small footprint and is even available with a compact seat which saves a few centimetres on the depth required. The semi-flexible ventilation pipe can be run through the floor, wall or roof, depending on your situation.

And did we mention that it’s tough? Made from high-density roto-moulded, impact-resistant plastic and marine-grade stainless steel fittings, the Air Head will take the knocks and blows that other toilets won’t, protecting your investment for years to come!

How does the Air Head toilet work?

Air Head is self-contained with an easy-to-remove 7-litre urine bottle on the front, and the main solids container behind that. The toilet bowl is designed to separate liquids and solids – urine flows to the front and then into the bottle, whilst solids are collected in the base. 

When you set the Air Head up, you place a rehydrated coco coir block (peat substitute) in the solids container. After each solid use, turn the handle on the side once or twice – this breaks up the solids, coats everything with the coir, and aerates the mass. This action (along with keeping the urine away), massively reduces the odour. The fan draws air through and out so you can go to the toilet naturally, with no chemicals and no odours.

There’s a manual concealing screen covering the view to the solids container – if you’re just having a wee, leave it closed and it will direct any excess urine to the front. For solid use, open the screen.

How does the Air Head toilet work?

When you’re looking for a compact, tough and simple compost toilet for your boat or vehicle (or the garden room!), the Air Head might be the ideal choice! Available with a standard or compact seat, there are also choices of fan housings to suit a variety of installations.

Air Head Compact Toilet
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Air Head was designed and launched in the USA in 2001 and is now made in Portugal.

The Air Head is easy to use and look after. Incredibly well made and durable. Find out more by clicking on the links below: