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Go further with an airhead composting toilet

The compact compost toilet for canal boats, yachts, motorhomes, campervans and studios.

Simply install an Air Head waterless composting toilet on your boat, campervan or motorhome and travel any distance, anywhere. With the Air Head, you’re not having to search for an ‘elsan’ point or other services every few days, and with a solids capacity of up to 60 uses, you’ll be sitting pretty for weeks!

The Air Head is completely self-contained with an easy-to-remove liquids container on the front. Now you can go to the toilet naturally, with no chemicals and no odours.

With two versions, the Standard (with household seat) and the Marine (with compact seat), there’s a model to suit almost every space!

Easy to use and look after. Incredibly well made and durable. Find out more by clicking on the links below:

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