Best compost toilet for Glamping and Camping Sites

A waterless toilet from WooWoo can help solve the problem faced by many glamping and camping site operators – how to provide toilet facilities in remote places where there is no sewage connection and possibly no running water!

With a range of solutions to fit different needs and budgets, our waterless toilets have the following benefits in common:

Products like the Separett Villa (and the WooWoo Loo) are ideal for use with a single accommodation unit, providing an attractive ‘at home’ style waterless toilet for a family or couple. The WooWoo GT provides a higher capacity, lower maintenance system that’s great for higher volume or communal use.

Product Suggestions

Here’s some suggestions to get you started, but please get in touch if you’d like a chat or a more detailed explanation of any of the products.

Separett Privy

The Separett Privy is a low-cost DIY solution for places where you only need or want to provide basic facilities for campers or glampers. 

The Privy is a urine-separator and can be built into a ‘toilet box’ or into the structure of your toilet building. You’ll need to source appropriately sizes containers for the solid waste, and in most cases, users will add sawdust or wood shavings as a cover material to reduce odours. You can choose between the Privy 500 with a super-warm polystyrene seat or the Privy 501 with a white plastic, traditional seat and lid.

Separett Villa

With an unrivalled track record, the Separett Villa is ideal for use by a couple or small group of people and can be installed either inside an accommodation unit (like a Shepherds Hut or Cabin) or in an adjacent facility. It only needs a 12-volt or mains power supply to run the small fan, which ensures it’s completely odour free for the user.

The Villa is also simple to use – just sit down, do your business and and stand-up – nothing to press, nothing to flush, no need for sawdust or messy cover materials. An automatic concealing flap covers the solids container from view – it opens as the user sits down and closes as they stand.

Because of the urine-separation and the generous solids capacity, the Villa can take around 60 ‘solid’ uses, however most people will empty the toilet on changeover day – a simple procedure that takes a few minutes and ensures incoming guests have an empty toilet. Solids can be composted away from the toilet and eventually returned to the land as compost or mulch.

WooWoo Loo

The WooWoo Loo is a complete toilet and building package, delivered and assembled on your site that includes a high quality 1.2m x 1.2m wooden building, a Separett Villa compost toilet and solar panel/battery. All you have to do is provide a level base and dig the urine soak-away pit – we take care of everything else! Perfect as an outside loo for a glamping pod, yurt or tipi!

WooWoo GT & GT LUX

The WooWoo GT system works on the principle of ‘batch composting’ and is perfect for higher volume and/or multiple user sites because  of the greater capacity, hygienic waste handling and “can’t go wrong” usability (it doesn’t use a urine separating bowl). 

The WooWoo GT comes with the choice of a simple toilet seat on a wooden bench (the GT) or a full porcelain pedestal (the GT LUX) for the ultimate ‘at home’ experience. 

The patented capillary action inner base automatically regulates the amount of liquid in the solid mass above, ensuring optimal conditions for composting. The starter packs come with two containers – one in use and one to enable the composting process to continue, meaning you are emptying compost and not manure! 

The toilet base units are available either in 120 litre or 330 litre capacity, the latter being able to cope with up to 800 ‘solid’ uses and virtually unlimited urine use. Due the to size of the units, special consideration will need to be given to the buildings that fit in, or we can also supply a complete building and toilet setup for you.