Kazuba KL2 at South Normanton Allotments offers much-needed convenience to plot holders

In February 2022, councillors from South Normanton Parish Council joined forces with Alison Wright of South Normanton Allotments to reveal their latest addition: the Kazuba KL2 Toilet.

This wheelchair-friendly toilet has been placed next to the car park of the allotments and offers a much-needed convenience for the 57 plot owners while they are on the premises.

Soon after the unveiling, a ramp was built to make the loo fully accessible (see photos in the gallery).

The funding for the new toilet was provided by South Normanton Parish Council specifically for the South Normanton Allotments, located on Alfreton Road in South Normanton.

In 2023, after the toilet had been in use for a good year, Alison Wright gave us the following comment: “As of now the toilet has been a great success on the allotments and is used well. We had great service from start to finish and would highly recommend the WooWoo team.”

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