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The Air Head compost toilet is one of the most simple and efficient dry lavatories of its kind. With a 12-volt fan used to dry out solid waste, and ingenious urine separating design, it also eliminates odours immediately from the living environment. Designed with the comfort of female users in mind, it is one of the easiest to use dry compost toilets available.

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The Air Head Composting Toilet is a state of the art, waterless lavatory that is designed with comfort in mind. Like all composting toilets, it works by separating solid waste from liquid, which reduces volume and allows for waste to be used as a soil enriching fertiliser.

Solid waste is collected in a paper cover, which can then be “Flushed” into a container lined with coconut husk to absorb moisture and reduce smell. Then it is simply a matter of turning the handle to cover the waste. For liquid waste, a smaller container collects urine, which is very easy to detach before disposing of its contents.

One of the main concerns of those using compost toilets is the potential smell, which can be present for inferior designs. With the Air Head Composting Toilet, however, a 12-volt battery powered fan dries out solid waste quickly, allowing for the very minimum of odours to escape. The lack of a conventional holding tank also means that the risk of odours escaping into the environment is reduced enormously, offering peace of mind to guests and regular users alike.

Another major advantage of the Air head Compost Toilet is its female friendly design. With many other urine separating toilets, it becomes something of a trial to ensure that liquids are processed through the pipe that leads to the liquid waste tank. Due to the design of the Air Head’s automatic separating system, this is no longer an issue. Even if urine does escape into the solid waste tank, the drying system negates any contamination relating to composting.

To understand the different versions (standard & marine) and the fan housing options, look at our Air Head Dimensions page.