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The Air Head compost toilet is one of the most compact, simple and efficient waterless toilets of its kind. With a 12-volt fan used to dry out solid waste, and ingenious urine separating design, it also eliminates odours immediately from the living environment. Designed with the comfort of female users in mind, it is one of the easiest to use dry compost toilets available.

The standard version has a full-size toilet seat, bringing all the comfort and familiarity of home.


The Air Head Standard (aka Large or Household seat) Composting Toilet is a highly durable and robust, waterless toilet that is designed with comfort in mind and is suitable for installation in mobile situations, such as canalboats, campervans, caravans, yachts and motorhomes.

Like all urine-diverting toilets, it works by separating solids from liquids, directing each to a specific container for easier management and odour control. The Standard/Household version has a full-size toilet seat. If you need a more compact version, take a look at the Compact version.

What’s the difference between the Air Head Standard and Air Head Compact?

The Air Head Standard has a full-sized toilet pan, seat and lid. The brackets and hinges for the seat and lid protrude slightly to the rear. The Compact version has the brackets and hinges at the back of the toilet repositioned inwards so that the toilet fits almost flush against the back wall – in order to accommodate this, the seat is slightly shorter in depth.

How does the Air Head compost toilet work?

There’s a small, manually operated hatch that opens the solids container, which you can open once you have sat down. All you have to do is sit down and ‘go’. Urine automatically flows to the front of the toilet, where it drains into an easily and quickly removable container. Solids drop through and after your visit, you turn the handle on the side to mix your deposit with the existing contents and the coconut coir medium (which is added when you commission the toilet).

Optionally, you can place a paper liner in the bowl and allow it to ‘flush’ down but opening the solids hatch. Gentlemen can also stand to urinate with the Air Head as the solids hatch will direct urine back to the front and into the urine bottle.

Does it smell?

One of the main concerns of those using compost toilets is the potential smell. With the Air Head Composting Toilet, odour-free use is achieved through several key parts – firstly urine-separation (so the solids remain dry, relatively speaking), the use of coconut coir (or similar) as a medium into which the solids fall, the turning/mixing handle (which breaks up solids mixes them into the medium), and the active ventilation system – a 12-volt fan draws any remaining odours out and assists in the drying of the solid matter.

The fan is located in a housing at the point where the flexible vent pipe exits the room. The fan draws air through a screened opening on the toilet, across the top of the solids area and through the flexible vent hose and then outside. You have the choice of either a straight or angled fan housing – the diagram below will help you decide on the most suitable version, although you are welcome to call us for advice. Approximately 1.5 metres (5 feet) of flexible vent pipe comes with the Air Head and further lengths, if needed, are available online.

The 12v fan will need wiring into your 12v electrical system and draws approximately 2 watts or 0.17A.

Air Head StraighFan Housing Diagram
Straight Fan Housing Ceiling Installation
Air Head Straight Fan Housing Floor
Straight Fan Housing Floor Installation
Air Head Right Angled Fan Housing
Right Angled Fan Housing Wall Installation









Another major advantage of the Air Head is its female-friendly design. With many other urine separating toilets, it becomes something of a trial to ensure that liquids are processed through the pipe that leads to the liquid waste tank. Due to the design of the Air Head’s automatic separating system, this is no longer an issue. Even if urine does occasionally escape into the solid waste tank, the drying system negates any contamination relating to composting.

How often will it need emptying?

Depending on use, the standard, 7.5-litre urine container will fill up quite quickly, so we would suggest daily emptying where possible. Urine is normally sterile and can be emptied directly onto earth or around trees (avoid repeatedly emptying at the same spot). Do not empty urine into the canals or rivers in the UK, as the nitrogen content acts as a food for algae. Where the Air Head is used at sea, it is usually permissible to empty urine overboard.

The time taken to fill the solids tank will vary with use. The original design concept for the Air Head was that the toilet was for boats that had mainly weekend use, and in that context, the solids tank would last a season. With more regular/frequent use, the solids tank will need to be emptied more often, perhaps every 3 to 4 weeks.

To understand the different versions (standard & marine) and the fan housing options, look at our Air Head Dimensions page.


The Air Head needs to be installed on a level base (if in doubt, tilt the rear of the floor slightly). Two ‘L’ brackets are screwed to the floor and the base of the toilet is dropped into place and secured with the thumbscrews. If your installation is in a highly mobile situation (such as a campervan or motorhome), the urine tank can be secured in a similar manner with the supplied brackets, although in a narrowboat, these can be left off.

The vent pipe will need to pass through to the outside, either through the floor, wall or ceiling and an appropriate vent cover be fitted to the outside (please note that the Air Head is not supplied with an external vent cover). A 12-volt DC connection will need to be run to the vent housing to power the fan. The general rule is that the fan should be in operation when there is anything in the toilet.

What’s Included?

  • Solids container with agitator and crank
  • Toilet bowl with seat and lid
  • Lid for the solids container
  • 7-litre Urine tank with lid
  • 12V fan in the fan housing (right angled or straight) and 6 screws
  • Rubber seal for fan housing
  • Approx. 1.5m ventilation hose
  • Hose sleeve with internal thread for connection to the bowl, including insect screen
  • Ventilation grille for air intake on the toilet bowl
  • 4 stainless steel mounting brackets and 8 screws
  • 1 coir brick
  • 50 paper bowl liners (paper inserts that prevent the bowl from getting dirty)

External ventilation covers are NOT included.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 41 × 48 × 56 cm
Fan Shroud

Straight, Right Angle

12 reviews for Air Head – Standard

  1. Gordon Mackenzie

    It’s easy to use and we haven’t had any problems with it. WooWoo are great. Had no problems despite lockdown.

  2. Amanda

    It’s easy to install and use

  3. Anonymous

    It’s great

  4. Cara

    Very happy with it

  5. Tom MacDonald

    It’s brilliant! It’s a great product – easy to maintain and clean. It’s a godsend for us.

  6. Jimmy the boatman

    It’s very easy to use

  7. Dale

    Good as gold.

  8. Vanessa Draper

    “If you’ve decided to go with a composting toilet, you have already chosen a more basic form of waste management, so it comes as no surprise if I say The Airhead definitely feels like a “back-to-basics” toilet. That isn’t necessarily negative, although it is a distinct and definite step in an alternative direction. There are clear similarities between an Airhead and a more traditional toilet, but there are small details anyone who has lived in the 21st Century have to get their “Head” around.

    We sold our farmhouse in Norfolk to ease funds for our retirement project; converting two barns into a home for us and one to fund our dream of a home in Scotland so we’ve lived on a wonderful Stately Albion mobile lodge on our land since August 2020. We didn’t want to apply for planning permission to provide proper drainage for the Albion so the alternative was a composting toilet.

    We bought a decent shed and I lined it with insulation and covered that in red velvet; old curtains from one of our previous “buses”. (Yes, we have always been a little “different”, shall I say.) That is important information, in a way, because our daughters still wonder how we can “put up with” our current life-style, such as going out in the dark in temperatures as low as -7 this winter, to use the loo. But that’s another story.

    I thought it would be a helpful piece if I wrote how it REALLY is, in detail, for anyone considering a composting toilet- including things no-one talks about normally. So here it is- straight and true from my view.

    Before I bought an Airhead, I read, listened and watched as much as I could to try to get a clear picture of which toilet to choose. Safe to say, I chose REALLY well. The Airhead feels exactly the same as a traditional toilet to sit on. That is brilliant. In addition, it works well for men and for women. It took my husband a while to trust that he could successfully use the new toilet and he felt more comfortable using our chemical loo on our motorhome for a while but is surprised how well the Airhead works for him now.

    The slide cover and holes for number ones direct liquid to the front container. It is easy to empty and wash out every four days, although it’s mainly me who uses it, and for only half of every day so it would need to be emptied more often if it was two people using it full time. The odour when I disconnect it takes some getting used to. One time I let it get too full before I emptied it and the mess and smell (as it has to be tipped backwards to slip it under the spring-loaded cap) was so bad it will never be repeated. I have never yet successfully seen through the viewing glass to check the height of the liquid. Instead, I listen when I’m using it and the sound decreases as it fills!

    Number twos collect in a separate base and I am able to lift and empty a full bowl reasonably easily. Both of us now use that full time and I empty it about every four weeks. The coir definitely reduces odour and the fan must make a difference although I need to buy a new battery to actually get ours working properly. I find the coir breaks up in the bowl very fast- about thirty minutes and it’s ready to use. I turn the spider handle and it’s fine. Honestly, there is some cleaning-up involved in this area. Some misdirection of number twos is inevitable so the slide cover and also the inner edges on the base need to be cleaned up sometimes. This wouldn’t be a problem as the two units are easily detached, but I haven’t been able to pull out the air hose yet (although my husband says he would be able to, as he put the toilet together). Because I cannot pull out the hose, I have to prop up the seat section while I empty the base. That isn’t too big a problem, although it has meant I can’t clean the seat area well. I have recently started to use the “carrier papers”, which have completely transformed the process, making it much cleaner. I wish I’d done so earlier. Right now I cannot source them in UK so I’m thinking a square of kitchen roll will work reasonably well but haven’t tried it as yet.

    Flicking the switch to open the slide cover at the right time to separate liquid from solid-depositing is an art. The carrier papers eradicate the need for such artistry, although if both ones and twos are done together, the paper has to be drained by hand to direct the liquid into the front container before opening the slide to deposit the solids along with the paper.

    To conclude, there are no issues around The Airhead getting clogged or not working well. It all works brilliantly. The issues are all around the whole “back-to-basics” living and having to deal with your own waste. In our case, it also involves going out to the shed in all manner of weathers, but that doesn’t faze us, even though this winter has been very cold and very wet. I would recommend this composting toilet very highly. It does exactly what it should, is comfortable to use and easy to empty. “

  9. Michael Williams (verified owner)

    After hours of reviews and YouTube videos, we decided on the Air Head, and straight out of the box you can tell that is has great build quality. I have not completed my van build and fitted the Air Head yet, but I know that it will have been a wise purchase.
    Woo-woo customer service and the whole buying experience was absolutely fantastic, and I would highly recommend them, great communication from start to finish.

  10. Catherine Halliday (verified owner)

    I’m really unhappy it doesn’t divert urine it’s disgusting

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Hi Catherine. We were sorry to hear of the troubles. We know the toilet can and does work and we’re working with you and the manufacturer to try to solve this for you.

  11. Martyn Johnson (verified owner)

    Perfect quality product combined with great service and communication. Thank you

  12. Martin Albery (verified owner)

    Good quality product. Not used for long yet but seems to be of good design and quality. Woo Woo have been really helpful and informative. Great customer service. 5 stars to Woo Woo .

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