Separett Villa 9010

separett child seat
separett child seat

Separett Villa 9010


Item code: 1067-03

The popular Separett 9010 is a compost toilet that is perfectly suited for usage in rural settings, such as cabins or campsites (or any place that does not have easy access to running water). It is both easy to install and maintain, with simple instructions that even those with few D.I.Y skills can follow confidently. The toilet’s fan mechanism requires just a 12-volt power source (around 2 watts), which makes it even more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient and can be run from a solar panel and battery.

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  • 12V DC or 240V AC - Ideal for off-grid





The Separett Villa 9010 waterless compost toilet is all but identical to that of the Villa 9000, the only difference being that the fan is single speed and runs from 12-volts DC power (or 230V AC using the supplied adaptor). The main advantage is that it’s ideal for “off - grid” usage, such as cabins, caravans, shepherd’s huts etc, as the toilet requires around 2 watts of power. An adaptor for mains electrical use, should it be available, is supplied.

The toilet’s ingenious design separates solid waste from liquid, with the fan helping to dry the former quickly to eliminate odours efficiently. When weight is put on the toilet seat, the special concealing screen opens, revealing the solids container which is normally hidden from view. Urine is collected in the front part of the urine diverting bowl and it then flows, with gravity. out of the rear of the toilet and into either a soakway pit or a container for subsequent emptying (container not supplied). The solids container should only need emptying every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on usage (3-4 weeks is typical for two people using this toilet full time).

The toilet itself is made from a type of high gloss plastic, called polypropylene, which looks almost identical to the standard porcelain toilet you would find in any home. This material is highly durable, impact proof and easy to clean, maximising hygiene.

For those with small children, or those likely to have small children use it, there is an optional child seat that is easy to attach and reattach as needed.

Installation requirements

  • Electrical: The Separett Villa 9010 will require a 12 volt DC supply (such as a leisure battery) in order to operate the fan. The fan is run continuously whilst there is anything in the solids container. You will need to ensure you have the ability to recharge (from solar, wind or other means) or swap the battery to enable continual use.

  • Ventilation: The fan pulls air through the toilet and out through a 75mm vent pipe at the top of the toilet. From here it can either be turned through 90 degrees and go directly outside through the wall (recommended), or straight up and through the roof/ceiling. The outside part of the duct will require an insect screen and a cap (included with the installation kit).

  • Liquid Outlet: The 32mm urine outlet is on the rear of the unit and can be led to a domestic wastewater pipe, a soak-away or a holding tank. Please ensure you comply with any local codes regarding the disposal etc of urine.

Installation is straightforward (see video below) and can be undertaken by people competent in DIY. If installation is being made through a wooden structure, then it will usually take 2-3 hours. Installing the vent pipe through brickwork or other solid structure will involve more ‘building’ type work and may require a tradesperson to assist with certain aspects.

Includes a cardboard template, showing exactly where the holes are needed is included and simplifies the installation, removing any guesswork about pipe positions.

Included accessories:

Most items are included with the Separett Villa 9010 to enable a typical installation where you vent through the wall behind the toilet. In addition to the toilet itself, you will also receive: vent pipe 40cm (Ø75mm), vent grid, indoor flashing for vent pipe, 2m hose for urine waste (Ø32mm), connector pipe 90°, vent cowl, 3 solid waste containers and 2 lids, power cables, silicone sealant compound, mounting screws, and a pack of 10 biodegradable bags (to line the solids container).

The Villa 9010 comes with a 230v to 12 v adaptor to enable you to connect this toilet to the mains where/when it’s available.

For installations where the vent pipe cannot be routed directly through the wall behind the toilet, we can also supply additional vent pipe 75mm diameter vent pipe and 90 degree pipe bends as required. Separett recommend a maximum pipe run of 4m and no more than 2 x 90 degree bends with the Villa 9010.

Please note that the manufacturer may change the specifications, design and supplied accessories as part of continuous product improvement.


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Product Data

Capacity: Unlimited
Battery Cable: 1.9 metres
Energy consumption:   12 V/2.5 W/210 mA
Height: 54.1cm
Length: 67.2cm
Width: 45.6cm
Material: Recyclable high-polish polypropylene
Max load: 150kg
Noise level: <30 dB(A)
Package size: L:77 W:47 H:66 cm

Ventilation out: Ø75 mm.
Urine run-off: Ø32 mm

Installation Video