Separett Villa Extend 12/230V

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Separett Villa Extend (previously the Villa 9020) is a urine separating toilet that requires a solid waste container beneath the floor (not included – available as a separate product). The container must be reachable from the outside. It is suitable for anyone looking for a simple and user-friendly solution for your cabin, cottage or tiny house where you have a void under the floor (with external access). Solid waste collection kit is an optional extra.

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  • EXTERNAL SOLIDS COLLECTION (purchased/made separately)





The Separett Villa Extend (previously known as the Villa 9020) is a urine separating toilet that requires a solid waste container beneath the floor (not included – see Villa Extend Accessory Kit). The solids container must be reachable from the outside. It is suitable for anyone looking for a high capacity and user-friendly solution for your cabin, cottage or tiny house that has a raised floor and prefers external collection/emptying of solids and increased solids capacity.

Based on the proven urine-diverting design of the Separett Villa, the Villa Extend differs in that it has a ‘chute’ to direct solids through the base of the toilet into an external solids container which would be located under the floor (with external access). The benefit is that the solids container can be of a larger capacity, providing longer operational time between emptying. The external container would also be suitable where building regulations prohibit carry of solid waste through the living area of a dwelling.

Particularly suitable to new-build cabins, tiny houses, cottages or houses where the floor has a void underneath. You can supply your own solids collection system, or for ease of installation, you can purchase the Separett ‘Solid Waste Collection Kit’ designed specifically for the Villa Extend.

The ‘chute’ should ideally be connected to a pipe with an internal diameter of 150mm.

Separett Villa Extend Specifications

  • Capacity: Unlimited (urine to soakaway – solids can be emptied as required)

  • Connection: Battery cable 1.9 meters or AC adapter 12/230V

  • Energy consumption: 0.06 kWh/day

  • Height: 54.1 cm

  • Length: 67.2 cm

  • Width 45.6 cm

  • Material: Recyclable high-polish polypropylene.

  • Max load: 150 kg

  • Noise level: <30 dB(A)

Common features in the Villa range

The Separett Villa Extend is a waterless or ‘dry’, urine-separating, compost toilet that is both attractive and environmentally friendly, manufactured from impact-resistant high-gloss recyclable polypropylene.

The integrated 12 volt DC fan (it also comes with a 230 volt to 12-volt adaptor), draws air through the toilet to an outside vent, thereby eliminating any odours in the room and speeding up the drying process for the ‘solids’, which will enhance the subsequent composting. The Villa has a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The 2-watt fan draws 200mA and is highly suitable for battery and solar power. Using a 12V, 100Ah battery will typically give you about 2 weeks of continual use, although ideally, you should be recharging the battery using wind or solar power if possible. The included 230v adaptor enables you to power from mains power, where available.

The Separett Villa Extend has an integrated urine-separating bowl, which means solid and liquid wastes are automatically separated as the user sits down and does their business. The solid waste will go through the chute and into your solids collection container (not supplied) and liquid waste goes down the urine pipe where you can either run it into a soak-away, or it can be collected for use as a fertiliser.

One of the unique features of the Separett Villa is the automatic concealing screen – when you sit down on the toilet, the unique pressure seat opens a view screen that otherwise covers the solid waste container.

The Separett Villa is incredibly easy to use – just sit down and ‘go’. When you’re finished, close the lid and that’s it – no sawdust to add or handles to turn, and it’s completely odour-free!

Installation requirements

  • Electrical: The Separett Villa Extend will require a 12 volt DC supply (such as a leisure battery) in order to operate the fan or a 230v mains plug for the included adaptor. The fan should be run continuously whilst there is anything in the solids container.

  • Ventilation: The fan pulls air through the toilet and out through a 75mm vent pipe at the top of the toilet where it can either be turned through 90 degrees and go directly outside through the wall (recommended), or straight up and through the roof/ceiling. The outside part of the duct will require an insect screen and a cap (included). Please see this page for more details on ventilation options.

  • Liquid Outlet: The 32mm urine outlet is on the rear of the unit and can be led to a domestic wastewater drain, a soak-away or a holding tank. Please ensure you comply with any local codes regarding the disposal etc of urine.

  • Suitable solids container under the floor (with easy access to the outside). A Separett ‘Solid Waste Collection Kit’ is available as an optional extra.

The Villa Extend is particularly suitable for people who have access under the floor, or are building new and can create underfloor access. The ability to have a larger solids container means greater time between emptying and hence less time spent managing the toilet, or to create a greater capacity for larger groups of users.

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3 reviews for Separett Villa Extend 12/230V

  1. John

    It works fine and it’s easy to install.

  2. Stuart Hatton

    It’s good, the only thing is that they’re a nightmare to clean when people use them incorrectly. If some of the internal parts were placed differently it would be better. I had an issue with a couple of missing parts, but I was impressed with how quickly the issue was solved by WooWoo.

  3. John Sterland (verified owner)

    Very nice piece of kit.

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