WooWoo GT Wooden Cabin

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The perfect cabin to compliment the WooWoo GT compost toilet!

The WooWoo GT Wooden Cabin is made in Finland and has been exclusively designed to accommodate the WooWoo GT compost toilet starter kit (not included with the cabin). It includes the internal bench seat and fascia and a rear cut out to enable either the WooWoo GT 120 or GT 330 to be slid in/out.

The stylish and functional Scandinavian design includes windows to allow natural light to flood in and a large pent roof to keep the worst of the rain and weather away from the structure, meaning it will be less prone to rot and decay.

The bulk of the construction is 20mm Finnish Spruce, with a little bit of Finnish Pine (used in the door and floor joists). The family-owned manufacturer started in business in 1936 and only uses local Finnish timbers, grown and harvested as sustainably as possible. They are part of the local climate action network and work hard to reduce the amount of waste produced from the manufacturing process, with what is left being used to heat the factory.

The joists are pressure treated/impregnated pine to resist rot and decay. All other wood is untreated and will require a suitable coating such as clear, stained or a suitable paint (we highly recommend OSMO products).

How big is it?

Externally, the building has a width of 1.54m and a depth of 1.66m not including the roof overhang. The interior dimensions are 1.38m wide by 1.5m deep. The maximum interior height is 2.4m (from the floor to the ceiling, measured just inside the door), although the overall height, including the roof overhang, is 2.6m (the overall height will also be affected by any foundation blocks).

The rear cut-out is designed to fit either the WooWoo GT 120 or the GT 330 compost toilet unit.

GT Cabin side profile

What do you have to do?

The cabin is delivered as a ‘flat pack’ that will require you to assemble it. The cabin should be assembled on concrete blocks as a foundation to keep it off the ground and to reduce the possibility of damp and rot. Details for the foundation are available in the installation manual. The foundation, in conjunction with the large roof, means water will be kept well away from the structure, making it last longer than your typical garden ‘shed’.

GT Cabin Foundation drawing
GT Cabin foundation layout. Use concrete blocks at least 190mm high (relative to ground level).


WooWoo does offer an installation service, priced according to your location. Please get in contact if you would like a quotation for installation.

As mentioned above, the exterior wood will require treatment to protect it from the harmful effects of UV radiation and to help prevent mould and mildew. Depending on your taste, you can choose from clear, various natural wood colours, as well as solid colours to blend in or contrast with the surroundings. You can leave the interior as natural wood, or decorate it to suit!

Is Planning Permission Required?

In the UK, under ‘permitted development’, you are usually allowed to have a pent roof building with a maximum roof height of up to 3 metres, provided the structure is more than 2 metres away from your boundary. However, certain areas may have additional planning constraints, (such as national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty, world heritage sites or conservation areas), which will mean planning permission will be required.

If you are unsure, always seek advice from your planning department – it’s your responsibility to ensure you comply with local and national planning regulations.

What’s included?

The shipment is usually delivered on an oversized pallet. Depending on your location, you may need to assist with offloading the components from the delivery vehicle.

The price includes all wall, floor, roof and door parts, together with appropriate screws and nails. The shipment and price do not include the WooWoo GT toilet or ancillary components (vent pipe, wind cowl etc) which need to be ordered separately.

Component Specifications

Panel 21mm x 120mm – spruce
Frame 45mm x 58mm – spruce
Cornerboards 21mm x 95mm – spruce
Coverboards 21mm x 58mm – spruce

Floorboard 21mm x 95mm – spruce
Floor joist, pressure treated 48mm x 98mm – pine

Roof board 21mm x 95mm – spruce
Roof joist 45mm x 95mm – spruce
Fascia boards 20mm x 120mm – spruce

Doors and windows:
Door: 900 x 1875 with round window, right-handed – pine
Windows (2): 815 x 300 non-openable, 4mm glass – spruce

Roof felt:
Bitumen-based roofing felt and underlay


Installation manual > click here

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