What makes the Separett Villa Waterless Compost Toilet so unique?

We’re in the process of doing a short series of images called ‘Why Villa?’ – each of them highlights one of the unique and useful features of the Separett Villa. But let’s have a look at the big picture and put together many of the unique features of the Separett Villa waterless compost toilet, and see why it’s the world’s number one compost toilet!

There’s so much more to the Separett Villa than you might think so let’s have a look at some of the design, features, thoughtfulness and Swedish cleverness that make the Villa better than everything else and the smarter, wiser, and best value investment for you.

  • Firstly and importantly, it looks more or less like a regular toilet. Don’t underestimate this fact if you are having people over who have never used a compost toilet before! Making it look familiar is an advantage in winning ‘hearts and minds’ of skeptical users.
  • Room for your feet. Just like a flushing toilet, the front of the Villa has a cut away for your feet, so using the Villa is just like using a flushing toilet. Ahh, home comfort!
  • Female friendly. The height of the seat of the Villa is designed to be ideal for the average female user, ensuring they can comfortably sit in the best position for the separator to work efficiently. Of course, everyone will find the Villa comfortable!
  • Nothing on view. When you lift the lid on many compost toilets, you are staring at the previous users deposits, or a mixture of sawdust, loo paper and ‘yuk’! On the Villa, there’s a concealing screen which automatically moves to the side as you sit down, and closes as you stand up. Neat!
  • Multi-voltage – the Villa 9000 has a fan powered by mains electricity (230v AC), whereas the Villa 9010 has a 12v DC low consumption fan making it ideal for off-grid solar/battery power, but it also comes with a mains adaptor.
  • So simple to use. Unlike some compost toilets, the Villa doesn’t require you to use sawdust or other organic cover material. This is because the superior design and location of the fan is optimised to bring a good air flow over the solids container and extract all odours. With the concealer screen hiding the contents from view, cover material is completely unnecessary in the toilet meaning less for the user to do, less mess and more capacity (so less emptying).
  • No mountains of poo! Every time you sit on the toilet, the solids container rotates automatically by a couple of degrees. This means solids are not being left in the same place, which can lead to a ‘mountain’ and poor use of the container capacity. Clever thinking!
  • Whisper quiet! The fan on the Villa is very quiet meaning it’s not so intrusive in the dead of night. One of the main factors is the use of relatively wide bore vent pipe (75mm diameter) – narrow bore pipe might be easier to fit, but air flow is often buffeted around in narrow pipes which leads to it being louder than it otherwise could be. Sleep tight with the Villa.
  • How rain proof is your vent pipe? All vent pipes must lead outside and then there’s always a risk of some rain getting in the pipe or condensation flowing back. On the Villa, this isn’t a problem – where the pipe comes out of the top of the toilet, there’s a small sump that catches any rainwater or condensation and channels is down to the urine pipe, where it flows out to your soakaway. Without this, there’s a good chance that water could pool inside the toilet. That’s thorough design with the Villa!
  • Installation kit included. The standard installation kit that comes with every Villa gives you most things you’ll need to install it in typical situations (excluding tools). A 40cm length of vent pipe is enough to run directly through the outside wall behind your toilet. Brackets to secure the Villa, silicone sealant, insect screens and vent covers are all there. Anything else you might need, such as longer vent pipes, are usually readily available from our webshop.

Still not sure? Well, rest assured that you’re in good company – the Villa went into production over 25 years ago and Separett have sold almost 100,000 Villa models worldwide.

Find out more about the Separett Villa and the whole Separett range by clicking here, or just give us a call – we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

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