Installing a Separett Tiny in a caravan

It’s always great to see how customers install their compost toilets along with the reasons they chose the model they did. Dean was purchasing a new caravan and was able to ask the manufacturer to leave a space where a chemical toilet would normally go, leaving Dean to install the Separett Tiny himself.

In the video, Dean mentions that he chose the Separett Tiny with Urine Container over a chemical toilet because it’s waterless and is effectively a ‘bag’ toilet that can create compost if he chooses (although he would normally dispose of the contents, treating it as a dry toilet). He preferred the Tiny to other compost toilets like the Nature’s Head or the OGO because the Tiny doesn’t need a starter medium like coconut coir and doesn’t therefore have the additional complexity of a stirring or agitating mechanism.

Dean said that the Tiny is also a lot smaller than the Nature’s Head and has fewer moving parts than the OGO, which appealed to him as there was less to go wrong. The appearance was also a key factor in that it “looks like a ‘normal’ toilet” and was really easy to clean and service, in contrast to some of the other models he had looked at.

The space left for the toilet was quite tight, so again, the Tiny was a good option due to its compact size.

In the video, Dean runs through the installation, showing how he cuts a hole in the floor to pass the vent pipe through, using the supplied template to indicate where he needed to make the hole.

In followup video, Dean talks about his experiences of using and servicing the Tiny:

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