Best waterless toilet forResidential Houses

A domestic waterless toilet means you can often have a toilet in places where it might not be possible, practical or affordable to install anything else, for example under your stairs, within an extension or a loft conversion. Whether your interest is about being more eco-friendly (by reducing water consumption and nutrient loss), convenience, or simply the cost, there are a variety of compost toilets that work well in residential and domestic settings.

Modern compost toilets are a far cry from those smelly, horrible things you might have experienced at festivals – they look good, work well and control odours better than a “normal” WC! They can be installed and used as your primary toilet, or as a supplementary toilet in an extension, outhouse or ancillary building.

The compost toilet below are waterless, odourless and don’t need any connection to mains drains, sewers or septic systems.


Best domestic compost toilets for home use

Separett Villa Compost Toilet


With an unrivalled track record going back over twenty-five years, the Swedish-designed and manufactured Separett Villa is ideal for use in any dwelling for family use. It draws a tiny amount of electricity (under 2.5 watts) to run the small fan, which ensures it’s completely odour-free.

The Villa is a urine-diverting toilet, so the liquids are diverted from the toilet (usually into an external soak-away or drain) with only solid waste remaining in the toilet. And it’s so simple to use – just sit down, do your business and stand up – nothing to press, nothing to flush, no need for sawdust or messy cover materials. A concealing flap covers the solids container from view – it opens automatically as the user sits down and closes again as they stand up.

The Villa can take around 60 ‘solid’ uses which equates to 3-4 weeks of capacity for a couple of people using it full-time. Solids are easily removed and can be safely composted away from the toilet and eventually returned to the land as compost or mulch.


Separett Tiny with Urine Extraction


Launched in 2021, the award-winning Separett Tiny has a contemporary and compact design that will fit neatly into smaller spaces. The rigid vent pipe can be taken through the floor, wall or roof, giving you multiple options for installation.

Urine can be diverted away from the toilet into a soak-away pit or drain (like the Separett Villa), or there’s a version that has a built-in urine container that can be emptied as needed – ideal if you can’t run urine to a soak-away pit or drain.

The Tiny doesn’t require any cover material (wood shavings or coir) and simply uses the efficient ventilation system for complete odour removal, making it simple and mess-free to use. An automatic concealing flap (improved and upgraded in May 2023) means you don’t see into the solids container when you lift the lid – the flap opens automatically as you sit down and closes as you stand up.

With a solid waste container capacity of around 17.5 litres, the Tiny is best suited to less intensive use or as an additional toilet in your dwelling.


Separett Cindi - Incinerating toilet


For the ultimate in convenience and hygiene, the Cindi Basic or Cindi Family from Separett are 100% electric incinerating toilets that leave only a small amount of ash. They work with an electric heating element that evaporates off all the liquids and incinerating any solids to a small amount of ash

The Cindi just needs a 13-amp outlet and the vent pipe, and you’re good to go – no other discharges are made and the residual ash can be emptied weekly and put on the garden or in the bin. The Cindi is packed with safety features to ensure it’s very safe to use and the catalytic converter eliminates any odours from the vent pipe.