St Mildreds Church installs toilet facilities after 800 years!

“St Mildreds Church in Nurstead, Kent has been without toilet facilities for some 800 years and we had been exploring options to remedy the situation for the last 7 years without success.

We had no water supply or drainage access. Despite protracted correspondence with the water board and exploring other options like a Trench Arch Drainage System (which still depended on a supply of water), we came across the WooWoo solution, which was self-contained and required no utilities. After receiving planning permission from the Local Authority and the Diocese, the unit was simply installed in three days.

The first day was principally laying the foundations etc, the second day its assembly, and the third laying the access path and patio. The unit has proven to be a great success and was “Christened” successfully on its first day of operation by an elderly parishioner using a Zimmer frame.”

Geoffrey Simmons
Project Manager and member of the PCC for St Mildred’s Church

Product: Kazuba KL2 Accessible with black powder-coated steel door (optional specification at customer request).

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