Separett Tiny with Urine Container

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New model 1270-02. Updated May 2023 with improved concealer screen mechanism.

The all-new Separett Tiny® with Urine Container brings together Separett’s 40 years of experience of odour-free, waterless toilets into a small, compact, modern-looking compost toilet that’s perfectly suited to small spaces such as tiny homes, narrowboats, caravans, camper vans, shepherd’s huts, garden offices and the like.

The easily removed and easily emptied urine container means the Tiny can be installed in mobile and non-fixed spaces. There’s even a light that comes on to tell you it’s time to empty!

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Separett Tiny gives you freedom to go further in your home from home!

The new Separett Tiny with Urine Container is a compact urine-diverting toilet for mobile users that gives you the freedom to travel further and stay where you want… for longer. And all without searching around for an elusive chemical toilet disposal point!

It’s the perfect waterless eco-toilet for adventurers everywhere, whether your home from home is a boat, motorhome, narrowboat, RV, overlander, or caravan.

Freedom to go further with the Separett Tiny waterless toilet. Image of narrowboat, motor home and caravan.

Open the Separett Tiny to remove the urine container and you’ll find that the solids area remains covered from view with clever, automatic concealing flaps (they open as you sit down and close as you stand up). Now that’s thoughtful!

As you empty the urine container, the wide opening and air valve means you can go from full to empty in a few seconds without glugging or splashback. Now that’s clever!

The low-power, low-voltage ventilation fan is quiet and efficient, removing all smells and keeping condensation at bay, ensuring the Tiny is 100% odour-free without chemicals or sawdust. Now that’s simple and eco-friendly!

The all-new design looks sleek and modern, yet is only 40cm wide and 50cm deep and can be installed right up against a wall with no pipes on show. The seat height is the same as a regular toilet for that ‘at home’ feeling. Now that’s comfortable!

The Separett Tiny is your ticket to freedom. Thoughtful, comfortable, clever and eco-friendly.


  • New 2023 model with improved concealing flaps!
  • European Product Design Award 2021 – Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Rural Sustainable Design.
  • Modern, compact and functional
  • No need for water or sewage connections
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty
  • Urine-diverting bowl separates liquids and solids for reduced odour and ease of maintenance
  • Automatic concealing cover over solids container hides contents from view
  • 12v or 230v fan draws odours out and away for odour-free use
  • Numerous ventilation options (through the floor, through ceiling** or through the side)
  • 7.1 litre urine container
  • 14.5 litre solids container

** Optional pipework may be required


  • Looks great in any bathroom without taking up much space
  • No need for chemicals or water – the environmentally friendly option
  • Anti-splash baffle in urine container keeps the contents inside when you’re on the move
  • Provides up to a week of capacity for solids so that you can travel further
  • Easy and rapid urine emptying with no glugging
  • Alerts you when the urine container is nearly full so no overflows!
  • So easy to use – just sit down, do your business and then stand up: no buttons to press or sawdust to add


  • Unlimited capacity: empty as and when required
  • The Tiny is 8.5kg (without accessories. Package weight is 12kg)
  • Max user weight 150kg
  • Length 49.7 cm | Width 39.8 cm | Height 47 cm (seat height 45-46cm)
  • Made from recyclable high-gloss polypropylene
  • Emptying cycle for 2 users: liquids every 3-4 days, solids once a week
  • Energy: 0.04 kWh/day – 12 V / 1.6 W / 133 mA (230v adaptor included)
  • Power lead length: 1.5m
  • Vent pipe diameter: 50mm (outer diameter)
  • Noise level: <30dB

Separett Tiny dimensions (all models)

Included Parts

For standard installations (where the maximum vent pipe length is under 40cm), everything is included apart from tools!

  • Separett Tiny toilet
  • User & installation manual including hole-cutting template
  • 110-230V AC universal adaptor
  • Solids container with lid
  • Urine container with caps
  • Ventilation pipe – 40cm length
  • Ventilation pipe grill with insect screen
  • Ventilation cowl (rain/dirt cover)
  • Holder for bio-drain block
  • Screws for wall or floor mounting
  • Sample pack of consumables: compostable bags, bio drain block, absorb pad


Take a look at the Tiny installation video below to see what’s involved with a typical installation in a motorhome or RV. For boats, you may want to purcahse the optional flexible vent pipe (2m) which will enable you to run the vent higher and out through a wall or roof, easily getting around awkward shapes or angles:

The vent pipe should run to the outside to ensure both odours and excess moisture are removed.


Getting your Tiny ready for use


Maintenance and cleaning

Separett Tiny should be cleaned with an environmentally friendly non-abrasive cleaner. Regularly rinse the filter in the fan duct with water to maintain good ventilation.

The urine container should be thoroughly cleaned after every third emptying or if there is a break in the use of the toilet. Fill about ¼ of the urine container with water, close the caps and shake hard to clean the insides of the container. Pour away the water. Eco-friendly cleaners such as Ecover toilet cleaner can be used, but ensure they are carefully disposed of.


Optional extras

Depending on your installation you may wish to purchase the following optional extras:

Links & downloads

Check out our installation gallery for some inspirational photos of how other users have installed their waterless toilets!

After-sales service and support

WooWoo is the exclusive distributor for Separett in the UK and Ireland. We have a wide range of accessories and spare parts available if required. In addition, our legendary support team are on hand with any technical or operational queries you have.



Additional information

Weight 15 kg

28 reviews for Separett Tiny with Urine Container

  1. John Beaumont (verified owner)

    The Tiny is Tidy! Absolutely chuffed to bits with it, really compact, astonishingly well made and reckon this will take years of abuse! Renovating an EcoAF Motorhome and this is totally perfect.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Thanks for your review John. We’ve been so excited to get the Tiny in stock and to hear your thoughts just confirms our own. Separett have spent a huge amount of time and money making sure that the tiny is really tough and durable and will last way beyond the 5 year warranty! It sounds perfect for your eco-motorhome!

  2. Luisa Diaz (verified owner)

  3. Dave W. (verified owner)

    Excellent toilet, perfect for our off-grid campervan and so much better than a chemical toilet.

  4. Shaun K. (verified owner)

    I think i was missing the template – but it was still simple to install. Great toilet and fast service.

  5. Les McMahon (verified owner)

    Well made and excellent finishes If the flap covering the solids container had opened properly I would have given it 5 but although the flap has been replaced I am still not confident it is 100% but WooWoos attention has been excellent and as this is a manufacturers problem I asked them for advice but after a week plus have no reply

    • Jacob (store manager)

      I’m sorry to hear you have not had a response from Separett. I know it is holiday season in Sweden and they’re doing their best to keep up with incoming emails but if you forward your enquiry to us, we will chase Separett for you if it’s not something we can work out ourselves.

  6. James w. (verified owner)

    best thing since sliced bread clean non smelling easey to insall had a boat for many years no more stoping at sanotory stations humping heavy cassets around fantastic

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

    This toilet is a total game changer. We replaced the Thetford C200 cassette toilet in out motorhome and instead of having to empty the cassette every couple of days (always a chore and a bit smelly) now have to empty the urine container every couple of days which can be done easily and inconspicuously and the poo bin every couple of weeks (it’s still a bit smelly but a lot quicker and easier). We have put a video on YouTube

  8. Antony Doidge (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Sorry but not worth £849 hard to write about something we don’t talk about, not the platform to converse about.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      We’re sorry that you feel this way. We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Tiny to date, so we hope we can find out what’s wrong and change your opinion. Do get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

  10. Simon Phillips (verified owner)

    Hello bought the tiny in June but wanted to use it for a full three months before reviewing . Have to say we are delighted with the tiny . Workmanship is excellent and attention to detail superb . Couple things was concerned about .
    1. The solid tank cover seems very flimsy but has not given trouble in use however you must sit on it properly or it can fail to open all the way , just a case of correct positioning .
    2. Urine tanks a little small for our level of hydration but we just bought a couple spares to cover that plus guests to the boat .

    Zero smell

    Overall best thing we ever did was convert from pump out to compost and after a,out of research the Tiny is best on the market

    Happy customer
    Simon and Sally Nb whodathoughtit

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Thanks for your lovely review Simon & Sally! Some good news is that there will be an upgrade to the solids cover available from the end of November which is designed to make it open easier (less pressure). We’ll be in contact with all existing users once we have it available.

  11. Jaime (verified owner)

    Very good delivered on time

  12. William Garratt (verified owner)

    Not had time to setup, but I have assembled it to see how it works, the sliding door for solids dose not fully close but I can live with that, I will be installing it in my campervan in the next few weeks, thank you for a quick response and delivery. William

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Thanks very much for your review. There will be an upgrade available in December which will address the concealing screen not opening or closing fully that some people have experienced. We’ll be writing to all customers as soon as we have them with details of how to get it.

  13. John Kay (verified owner)

    A joy to deal with, thank you !

  14. malcolm holden (verified owner)

    Have a problem with modesty cover staying open, contacted woo woo they got back to me the first time with a solution. This did not sort the problem out. Contacted them again but never heard back. Looks like I need to sort the problem out myself shame we’ll made though.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Hi Malcolm. Seems we missed your second email after responding to your first. We’ll contact you shortly with our thoughts – I wonder if the ‘upgrade’ kit for the view screen has been fitted yet – this might solve it all!

  15. JOHN L. (verified owner)

    I love the design although I have not used it yet… would be even better if it had a lift up seat and soft close.. but it is the best waterless toilet in my opinion

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Thanks very much for your comments John. We’ll pass them onto Separett – a ‘soft close’ would be a nice addition.

  16. Maria M. (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service and support- super fast next day delivery too!
    Not tried it yet as the narrowboat is being revamped and still work to do so will update as and when – very pretty and compact, looks perfect!!!

  17. Stephen Northwood (verified owner)

    Lack of space dictated our choice of the Separret Tiny but this has proved to be a happy one. There really is no smell except for a slight floral scent from the urine block. The fan is so quiet that it is hard to believe that it is working The Tiny looks clean and uncomplicated and would not be daunting for a guest.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Thanks for your glowing review Stephen – we really appreciate your feedback.

  18. Andy B. (verified owner)

    We bought the separett tiny to replace a different make of waterless toilet on our narrowboat ( on which we live) The quality and functionality of the separett is exceptional, it has exceeded our previous toilet and our expectations. Martin with whom we primarily dealt, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and I have no qualms in recommending both the Separett tiny and woo woo.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Thanks Andy – the whole team here at WooWoo appreciate your review and comments!

  19. Jenny (verified owner)

    Great decision to put this on my narrowboat. Thanks for your help and advice.

  20. Lorraine B. (verified owner)

    It takes some getting used to having a separator toilet as anatomically we all differ. I know to sit forward to pass urine and further back for solids but there have been times where some solid had strayed to the other compartment and vice versa.

  21. Dennis (verified owner)

    Delivered in good time and quality product

  22. Kirk (verified owner)

    From initially speaking to a friend who is a customer to speaking to Martin we realised that this was the loo for us! Martin put us at ease and answered all our questions honestly and fully. Giving us full confidence in this product. Even though the loo is designed to be vented outside we have used a carbon filter to vent into due to us living full time on a narrowboat we did not want to put a hole in the side of our boat (so don’t let this out you off) this set up works perfectly well. I was concerned regarding everyone’s claims of no odours but can honestly say it’s true!! The build quality is far above other brands we had considered. Particularly liking the all in one seat construction. Emptying and disposal is effortless.

  23. Bryony Rylett (verified owner)

    Excellent website, knowledgeable, honest and empathetic customer service and advice combined with reliable delivery and value for money. End result: a satisfied customer supplied with a product that meets her requirements. What more could you want?

  24. Mark Gumbrell (verified owner)

    Everything to expectations. However, i thought the cost of the toilet, at £800, was expensive.

  25. Sue M. (verified owner)

    Bought for our offroad trailer. We set it up in an outside tent. Loving it! So easy.

  26. Gareth Evans (verified owner)

    I would give this company 5 stars.

    I had a minor complaint regarding a small item not received in my order. I emailed the company and the complaint was dealt with straight away and corrected. I had no other issue. The toilet received was of excellent quality, easily installed and has worked efficiently since then. Very happy.

  27. MALCOLM H. (verified owner)

    Superb product now fitted to our boat. Clear easy to follow instructions. Now waiting to be used!!

  28. Shane Bastable (verified owner)

    As described quick delivery excellent

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