Separett Villa 9000

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The Separett Villa 9000 is a highly popular and easy to maintain compostable toilet that is environmentally friendly, beautifully designed and highly efficient. Its durability makes it perfect for everyday use and the model’s mechanisms, such as the powerful fan, provides a high level of hygiene, not to mention an odourless environment.


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  • 240V AC FAN (11 watts)



The Separett Villa 9000 is one of the most straightforward and simple to use, urine-separating compost toilets on the market. It can be installed in various environments (warm or cold) but is particularly suitable for domestic dwellings as well as tiny houses, shepherds huts, static caravans, garden rooms, and garden offices etc. This model’s robustness also makes it suitable for continuous use, providing the type of peace of mind that you would expect from any standard toilet.

The clever design, pioneered by Separett over 20 years ago, means the Villa looks like a regular toilet. It conceals the ‘solids’ from view, and requires no sawdust or other cover material, making it clean, comfortable, odour-free and simple to use – this is the compost toilet for people who don’t do compost toilets!

It works by separating solids from liquids, which helps reduce odours and increase capacity. Separation is achieved through the design of the toilet bowl which collects urine at the front, whilst solids drop through to the inner container. When a person sits down to use the toilet, it doesn’t matter whether they are male or female, anatomy dictates that urine will flow to the front by default.  From here, the urine runs through a pipe, ultimately to the outside, where it generally goes into a small soak-away pit.

The solids area is screened from the users view by an automatic flap. As you sit down on the toilet seat, your weight causes the flap to open, and as you stand it closes. At the same time, the solids container rotates a couple of degrees, maximising the capacity.

The Villa 9000 has a powerful but quiet fan that draws air over the solids container and takes all odours away from the toilet through a ventilation pipe. The fan also regulates moisture levels, further reducing the odour potential. Where the vent passes into the outside air, any residual odours completely dissipate within a metre or so.

The toilet itself is made from a special type of plastic called polypropylene, which gives it its porcelain-like appearance. This is the ideal material for the maintenance of hygiene and long-term pristine appearance.

As an optional, extra-cost accessory, you can purchase a child-adaptor seat, which enables kids up to around 5 years old to be held securely and for liquids and solids to go in the correct places.

The 23-litre solids container has a capacity of around 60 solid uses, meaning a couple of people using this toilet full-time would get 3-4 weeks before emptying. The contents can be emptied into a compost bin and should be composted for twelve months at which point the material will resemble regular garden compost and can be used as a mulch around trees or bushes.

Installation requirements

  • Electrical: The Separett Villa 9000 will require a 230v ‘mains’ outlet (either a plug or a fused, switched outlet) in order to operate the fan. The fan should be run continuously.

  • Ventilation: The fan pulls air through the toilet and out through a 75mm vent pipe at the top of the toilet where it can either be turned through 90 degrees and go directly outside through the wall (recommended), or straight up and through the roof/ceiling. The outside part of the duct will require an insect screen and a cap (included).

  • Liquid Outlet: The 32mm urine outlet is on the rear of the unit and can be led to a domestic wastewater pipe, a soak-away or a holding tank. Please ensure you comply with any local codes regarding the disposal etc of urine.

Installation can usually be undertaken by people competent in DIY (the video below gives you an overview of what’s involved). If the installation is being made through a wooden structure, then it should usually take 2-3 hours. Installing the vent pipe through brickwork or other solid structure will involve more ‘building’ type work and may require a tradesperson to assist with certain aspects. If you’re stuck, we’re happy to chat to your or your installer via email or on the phone.

Included accessories

Most items are included with the Separett Villa 9000 to enable installation. In addition to the toilet itself, you will also receive: vent pipe 40cm (Ø75mm), vent insect mesh and external grill, indoor flashing for vent pipe, 2m hose for urine waste (Ø32mm), connector pipe 90°, vent cowl, 3 solid waste containers and 2 lids, power cables, silicone sealant compound, mounting screws, roll of 10 biodegradable bags.

For installations where the vent pipe cannot be routed directly through the wall behind the toilet, we can also supply additional vent pipe and 90 degree pipe bends as required.

Please note that the manufacturer may change the specifications, design and supplied accessories as part of continuous product improvement.


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Product Data

Capacity: Unlimited (solids container is emptied when full), no limit on urine use
Connection: 1.7 meters cable with grounded euro plug & UK adaptor
effect modes: 2 speed fan – low speed for normal use, high speed to clear steam if installed in a shower room
Energy consumption:   0,396 kWh/24/h (power mode 2) 0,276 kWh/24/h (power mode 1)
Height: 54cm
Length: 67cm
Material: Recyclable high-polish polypropylene
Max load: 150kg
Noise level: 31 dB (power mode 1), 41 dB (power mode 2)
Package size: L:77, W:47, H:66 cm, 19kg
Total effect: 11W (power mode 1), 16.5W (power mode 2)
Voltage: 230V
Width: 45.6cm

Installation video

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 77 × 47 × 66 cm

11 reviews for Separett Villa 9000

  1. Kate Tuck

    It’s really good. The only problem I’ve had with it is cleaning it. It can be tricky because you have to unscrew the base plate to clean where the bucket goes and the toilet seat is also tricky to clean. WooWoo are very helpful and their service and support is great.

  2. Rubicon Garden Rooms

    The product itself is fine. It’s nicely made but it’s too expensive and hard to sell.

  3. Samantha

    It’s absolutely brilliant! It’s the best option when living on a boat – much better than cassettes!!! It’s been a godsend – I love it!

  4. David Crowder

    It looks like a proper toilet and it’s well made. It would be helpful if it had a UK plug instead of an adaptor but it’s a good product.

  5. Elizabeth Dowling

    It’s a very good product and it does its job well. We’re delighted with it; it doesn’t smell and it’s easy to clean. Would recommend. Very happy with WooWoo

  6. Michael Smith

    We bought it for a garden room where we couldn’t get plumbing and it’s been a perfect solution!

  7. Pete

    We’re very happy with it. It’s a good design and it’s easy to install with helpful instructions.

  8. Michael Crawley

    It’s brilliant and it’s very easy to fit! I was very satisfied with the quick delivery.

  9. Adrift Conversions

    It’s clean, odorless, has good usability and is easy to clean.It has a good fan in comparison to others we’ve bought.

  10. Allan (verified owner)

    No fuss. Order placed and product delivered quickly.

  11. S D Chesterton (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quality of our Separett toilet. Does not look nearly as bulky as I had thought and looks really good in our log cabin. Very impressed with the ease of installation and the easy to follow instructions.

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