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Special price – when it’s gone, it’s gone forever! The Weekend is no longer manufactured by Separett but is an excellent, simple, urine-diverting toilet.


The Separett Weekend 7010 toilet is a dry (aka waterless, urine separating or urine-diverting) toilet that is perfectly suited for installation in sheds, cabins, summer houses, mobile homes, as well as other places that do not have access to running water and/or sewage. The toilet is made from durable plastic and is easy to clean (the top part with separator and seat/lid lifts right off), making sure that hygiene standards are easy to maintain.

The urine-diverting method works by separating solids from liquids through the design on the bowl, collecting and diverting the urine and running it round to the rear of the toilet from where it can go into an external soak-away pit, holding tank or another suitable container for treatment or disposal (external holding tank etc is not included).

Solid waste is collected in an easy to remove receptacle within the toilet, while a small and quiet fan eliminates odours efficiently by venting them outside where they quickly dissipate in the air. The fan also helps speed up the drying of solid waste, which reduces its volume. The only maintenance required is to occasionally rinse the front of the bowl with water and clean as necessary using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Although it is one of the more affordable models, the Weekend 7010 can be used as a full-time toilet, like any other. With the 12-volt fan being the only moving/mechanical part, it is less prone to breakdowns that plague many other brands of compost toilets. Installation is straightforward – you will need to take the 75mm vent pipe outside (usually directly through the wall behind the toilet is simplest) and the 32mm urine pipe too.

The toilet’s fan runs continuously, making sure that any odours are dealt with quickly and effectively, removing the need to use any messy cover material like sawdust. Although the fan is very quiet at under 30 decibels, it is highly efficient. What’s more, the lower power consumption makes it ideal for running off-grid with solar panels and a battery, with a power requirement of around 2 watts.

The Weekend can run directly from a 12v power source, or from 230v mains electricity with the included adaptor giving you flexibility now and in the future if your needs change.

Items included in installation kit: Vent pipe – 40 cm length Ø75 mm. 2-metre length of 32mm semi-flexible urine pipe. External vent cover (with fly screen), interior masking plates (for 75mm and 32mm holes), 90° bend for vent pipe, wind cowl, 2 x 25-litre solid waste containers with lids, 10 compostable waste bags, 2 m white semi-flexible urine hose Ø32 mm, silicon, screws for fitting. Optionally, you can purchase additional 2-metre lengths of vent pipe, angled and straight connectors if you need to run the vent pipe up high etc, plus the Separett Child Adaptor seat, ensuring the little people can effectively use the Weekend.

Urine is typically run into a small soak-away pit outside the building, but can also be run into an existing greywater drain, or to the Separett Ejektortank which enables you to capture it for use as a garden feed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions about the Separett Weekend compost toilet – we’re happy to help!


Tiny PDF iconWeekend 7010 Installation Manual

Tiny PDF iconWeekend Product Overview/Data Sheet

Product Data

Material – Upper/lower sections: High impact polyethylene. Seat: gloss polypropylene. Solids container: polypropylene. All materials can be recycled

Weight – 13 kg

Dimensions – Ventilation pipe: Ø 75 mm Urine drain: Ø 32 mm / Toilet is 53.2cm (h) x 45cm (w) x 51.4cm (d)

Electrical – 12V, 2.5W/210 mA. Suppled with 1.9m battery cable and 12/230V adaptor to run from mains.

Energy consumption – 0.06 kWh/day

Capacity – solids container holds 60+ uses.

Noise level – <30 dB(A)

Max user weight – 150kg

Warranty – 12 months

Running from Solar

The fan on the Separett Weekend consumes just over 2 watts at 12v DC and is ideal for running ‘off-grid’ from a solar panel and battery. Although technically a 20 watt solar panel, optimally positioned, would suffice, for reliable performance, we would recommend a panel of 60 watts or more, coupled with an 80Ah battery to safely cover the possible extremes of British weather throughout the year. Any additional requirements you have, such as lighting and USB charging will need to be factored in when finally deciding the panel and battery size.

Installation video

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 53 × 40 × 52 cm

White, Grey

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