Separett Villa ventilation options

The ventilation system with the Separett Villa is highly efficient and is one of the reasons why you don’t need to add any ‘cover’ material during the use of the toilet, making it simple to use and maximising the capacity.

For the Separett Villa (2022 model onwards), Villa 9000 and post-2020 Villa 9010 and Villa 9020 models, you can have up to 6 metres of vent pipe and include a couple of 90 degree bends. For earlier Villa 9010 and 9020 it’s suggested that around 4 metres is the maximum.

The best ventilation option is the shortest and most direct, so most people vent through the wall behind the toilet, using the included 40cm length of vent pipe and a 90 degree bend (all of which come with the Villa) – as shown in Alt. A below.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to vent directly through the wall behind the toilet, so here are some options you can go with, although they will require you to purchase additional parts.

Separett Villa ventilation options
Separett Villa ventilation options

Alt. A is the standard method of venting through a wall. The Villa comes with a 40cm of 75mm diameter vent pipe, which is sufficient for most domestic walls including most brick cavity walls.

Alt B is where you want to take the vent pipe out horizontally, but need it to be higher up. In this case, you will need the 2-metre vent pipe kit (which is sold as 2 x 1-metre lengths and a joiner). The kit also comes with wall brackets. Can be mounted internally or externally as appropriate.

Alt. C is for venting through a roof. If possible, try to vent through a wall as the fewer holes in your roof the better, however, where you have no choice, then through-the-roof is possible. Ensure you purchase a suitable roof flashing that will work with your roofing material and the 75mm diameter ventilation pipe. Don’t worry about some rain getting into the pipe as the Villa has a drain (to the urine pipe) at the base of the vent pipe fitting.

Alt. D has a long run to come out horizontally (where you don’t wish to, or cannot vent through the roof). Remember that the maximum pipe length should not exceed 6 metres (4 metres for pre-2020 Villa 9010 or Villa 9020 models).


The amount of odour coming from the vent outlet is surprisingly small but will vary according to the user and how recently they have used the toilet. Generally, the odour dissipates into the air within a metre or two of the exit point.

Even so, the vent should not face a seating area or place with regular foot traffic. In such a case, consider venting higher if possible.

Extractor fans in the same room

It’s not advisable to have an extractor fan in the same room or area as the Separett Villa. The Villa fan is running all the time, and usually satisfies building regulations (in respect of ventilation). If there is another extractor fan, it’s possible that it might compete with the fan in the Villa, and if powerful enough, could draw odours from the toilet.


The ventilation pipe for the Separett Villa is 75mm outer diameter. It’s possible to buy an adaptor to 110mm pipe if you prefer.

You can get the parts you need from our online shop, but here are the most common parts people buy:

2 meter vent pipe2 metre vent pipe extension kit, 75mm
Connector Pipe 90 deg90 degree bend
Separett Straight Connector Pipe 75mmStraight connector
75mm to 110mm Joint Seal / AdaptorJoint seal/adaptor for 110mm pipework
Separett FilterFan filter for Villa (replacement)
Separett Insect NetInsect mesh screens (replacement)

Service and maintenance

The ventilation fan on the Villa is running all the time so some build up of debris is inevitable. Every 3-6 months, remove the yellow filter from the front of the fan housing and clean the filter mesh. If it’s damaged, replacements are available from our webshop.

Annually, turn the fan off and visually inspect the fan blades for build up of debris. You can use a soft brush (like an artists paintbrush) to clean the blades. In models with the 12v fan (ie not the Villa 9000), it might be easier to remove the fan housing completely to get better access to the fan for cleaning. It’s also worth checking the condition of the insect mesh at the end of the vent pipe. Again, replacements are available if yours is damaged.

Other options

If you need to run ventilation around awkward objects or through non-linear spaces, you could also consider using flexible 75mm vent pipes. We don’t sell these, but they are commonly sold as dust extraction tubes for woodworking. Keep the overall length as short as possible as they often have reinforcing ribs on the inside which may affect the flow rate of air through them.

If you have any questions, why not get in contact with one of our friendly team?

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