Separett Tiny with Urine Extraction

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The all-new Separett Tiny® with Urine Extraction brings together Separett’s 40 years of experience of odour-free, waterless toilets into a small, compact, modern-looking compost toilet that’s perfectly suited to small spaces such as tiny homes, shepherd’s huts, garden offices and the like.

Ideal for fixed dwellings and huts, urine is typically diverted to the land through a small soak-away pit for ease of use and maintenance.

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The all-new, award-winning, Separett Tiny® with Urine Extraction brings together Separett’s 40 years’ experience of odour-free, waterless toilets into a small, compact, modern-looking compost loo that’s perfectly suited to small spaces such as tiny homes, static caravans, shepherd’s huts, garden offices and the like.

At under 50cm deep and less than 40cm wide, the Tiny will fit into the smallest of spaces, yet feels like a regular toilet and has a standard size seat and lid. The 50mm vent pipe that takes any odours away, can be routed down (through the floor), behind, or to either side, making it highly adaptable, and enabling a neat installation with hidden vent pipes in many cases.

The urine outlet is also configurable to go straight out behind the toilet, down, or to either side, making it highly adaptable to your specific situation. Once the urine pipe is outside, you can lead it to a soak-away pit, other container, or the Separett Ejektortank.

The Tiny has a urine-separating bowl that collects urine at the front and enables solids to drop through into the inner receptacle. Separation of liquids and solids is the key to efficient and simple management, and together with the built-in fan and efficient ventilation system, you can be sure of 100% odour-free use.



  • Compact dimensions. 470mm high, 398mm wide and 497mm deep. No protrusions from the back or side mean it can be installed in restrictive spaces, flush against the wall behind with no gap.
  • 50mm vent pipe exits at the lower rear of the toilet. The pipe can be routed down, back or to the side and then out using commonly available pipework. In many installations, vent pipes can be hidden from view for an exceptionally neat appearance.
  • Automatic concealer screen covers the solids container (even when the top of the toilet is open to remove the urine container) and shields the user from seeing the contents.
  • Urine diversion system leads urine out of the toilet – ideal for land-based installations where you don’t want or need to collect urine.
  • Very low power consumption – around 1.5 watts at 12v or via the included mains adaptor.
  • Quiet operation – <30 dB.
  • Stylish design, high-quality materials and a 5-year guarantee.

Low-power fan and ventilation system

The 12/240V fan consumes just 1.5 watts and is super quiet. With its efficient design, it pulls air over the solids container and removes all odours. The ventilation system on the Tiny uses standard 50mm pipes and comes with insect screens, rain covers and vent caps to suit a variety of installations.

Urine-separating design with flexible outlet

Like the larger Separett Villa, this version of the Tiny comes with the attachments to run the urine down through the floor, straight out behind the toilet, or to either side.

The base of the urine separator is securely sealed inside the toilet to prevent any leaks. A small air inlet valve ensures the rapid and smooth flow of urine without the ‘glugging’ that can happen on some separators.

The included outlet ‘basket’ enables easy placement of the Bio Drain tablets that, if used regularly, will help keep the urine pipe clean, blockage free and pleasant smelling.

14.5-litre solids container with automatic concealing flap

The 14.5-litre solids container will provide up to one weeks capacity for a couple of users. Due to the efficient ventilation system, no cover material is needed with the Tiny. A clever two-part concealing flap covers the solids container from view until the user sits down, at which point, it opens and as they stand, it closes so nothing is on view.

Even when you open the top of the toilet to empty the urine bottle, the solids container remains covered by the flap – ideal for people new to compost toilets!

In addition, Separett has developed a compact biodegradable, compostable bag to line the solids container, along with a smaller ‘Absorb’ sheet, which can help absorb any excess liquid that gets into the solids container.


Clever, thoughtful and appropriate design with a great guarantee

Everything about the Tiny has been specially designed and manufactured, with an emphasis on style, odour-free use, and ease of waste handling, with no space wasted with ill-fitting ‘off the shelf’ containers.

The modern, ‘gloss white’ design is extremely attractive and won’t look out of place in both modern and traditional style bathrooms. The tough and hygienic plastic body and components, unlike wood, is resistant to odours, leak-proof, and is easy to clean. The Tiny comes with a 5-year manufacturers guarantee.


What’s Included?

  • Separett Tiny with urine extraction/diversion to outside
  • Solids container with lid
  • Installation template for floor or wall holes
  • Ventilation Pipe (5cm ∅), 40cm length
  • Ventilation Pipe – 90° connector
  • Ventilation Pipe Cap with insect mesh
  • Ventilation Cowl
  • 230v Mains Adaptor
  • 12v cable with battery clips
  • Urine hose – semi-flexible 32mm ∅, approx 2m
  • Urine hose connector, 32mm∅ straight
  • Urine hose connector, 32mm∅ 90°
  • Sample 2 x compostable bags for Tiny
  • Sample 1 x Absorb for Tiny
  • Sample 1 x Bio Drain tablet
  • Installation manual & user manual


Find out more and watch our ‘unboxing’ video in our blog.

Order your Separett Tiny today and enjoy the freedom of not needing water or sewage connections!

How do you install it?

Take a look at the Tiny installation video to see what’s involved:

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  1. Sherwood Elcock (verified owner)

    Compact functional unit which seems robust. Easy to install, excellent fitting instructions.

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