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Eco-Friendly Waterless and Composting Toilets

Separett Villa 9020

Separett Toilets

Separett have been the market leader for over 30 years with a wide range of dry compost toilets. Their popular product range is suitable for many purposes and includes multiple ways of dealing with waste.

Kazuba KL1 Cabin and Toilet

Kazuba Toilets/Cabins

Premium dry toilet systems that come with eco-friendly wooden cabins. Kazuba’s high capacity makes it perfect for public spaces like allotments, golf courses, fisheries, parks, etc. Sun and wind-powered, so no need for water, electricity or chemicals.

Air Head Toilet

Air Head Toilets

The most compact compost toilet in the world, Air Head has a glowing reputation for being the premium waterless toilets for narrowboats, yachts and motor homes. Its rounded design enables it to fit perfectly into the tightest of spaces.

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Odourless loos for all kinds of off-grid purposes

Odourless loos for all kinds of off-grid purposes comprehensive catalogue of public and private eco-toilets for allotments, golf courses, parks, fisheries, wedding venues, playgrounds, churches, camping and glamping sites, schools, narrow boats, motor homes, camper vans, houses, gardens, huts and many other uses.